Do I have enough clothes + where to get cute cheap clothes?

Ok so i'm really sick of the clothing i own, i feel like i wear the same thing every damn day. 😓 and it makes me mad because i know if i had the money i'd buy such cute clothes and i'd always look on point. The clothes i own are sortof plain looking and i buy most things from H&M , gap, forever 21 etc.
so here's what i own overall (this may not be so accurate but, i'm just thinking at the top of my head)
-i own like 10+ bras but i only wear 2 out of all of them bc the rest don't fit me anymore (i'm a D cup)
- 3 sports bras
- 10 pairs of underwear , yes i know that is very little but i'm not that rich and most are from H&M
- for shoes : heeless boots, heel boots, 2 pairs of black heels , 3 of sneakers/converse, tory burch , some sandals and normal flats.
- 1 pair of VICTORIAS SECRET yoga pants , 2 pairs of black legginsg, 1 pair of excersice pants, 8+ or so pears of jeans , 5 pairs of colored leggings
- for sweaters, 1 VICTORIAS SECRET hoodie, 5 pairs of warm jackets from gap, 7 + fashionable winter sweaters
- for shirts : 5 basic white tees/straps , 10+ stylish , wearable h&m & banana republic shirts
-for PJS : 1 pair of Victorias secret pj leggings, 5 or more pairs of cute comfy gap pjs, 1 pair of aeropostale pjs, 1 pair of red striped pajamas from this pretty store i forgot the name of
- for sweatpants , 3 pairs of basic black sweats, 1 pair of grey sweats, 1 pair of hollister sweats, pink sweats, etc.
for bags i own : 1 longchamp bag, 1 really cute bag from h&m (i always wear it) and then sometimes i wear expensive bags my mom bought when we had more money lmao )
and yeah i think that's it.. Not much i know don't judge i want to be able to buy more clothes Lmao ! But i don't know how since their so expensive pls recommend some nice cheap shops and do you think amazon shipping is cheap thnx?

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  • You can never have enough clothes lol and you should try poshmark and wish. They're both apps where you can get clothes cheaply and when you get tired of them you can just throw them in the back of your closet 😜. Have fun


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  • I don't know what a girl's standards are, but for me, i wear the same shit like everyday, i mean like my Monday gym clothes, Tuesday gym clothes, Wednesday gym clothes, etc. only on the weekend I change it up if I go out, and I got a fuckton of clothes in the closet but never wear them because I didn't buy them, they're all just gifts or hand me downs.

    if you think you have too much and they go unused for too long, just donate to goodwill, thats what ima do.


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  • Yea that's enough i guess. But if i may suggest dont wear bags from H&M, buy a really nice one instead. Invest your money on bags cause when you need money you can sell it.

  • Talk about first world problems