What's a thrift shop like?

Hi everyone! This has been on my mind for a while, and what are thrift stores like? Is it used clothes that you buy or something?


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  • How? What? Why is this not something you know already?

    Thrift stores, or better known where I'm from, op shops, Salvos etc. Are essentially second hand stores. Depending on the nature of the store profits may go to charity or almost entirely to the owner and employees.

    Some op shops are low quality, accepting unclean items and not bothering to wash them before selling (clothing items excepted) others will simply chuck anything that does not appear to be worthy of putting on the shelf.

    If you do buy clothes from an op shop it's recommended to wash them before wearing, but they are perfectly safe.

    I do pretty much all my clothes shopping at op shops. It's cheaper, better for the environment and the proceeds usually go to charity.

    Difference between stores and op shops. For a brand pair of jeans, in store or online you might find them for 150 AUD (halve that to get USD) in an op shop you can buy them for under ten bucks. Only difference between pairs is maybe the tiniest bit of wear or fading (which simply serves to give character) and the need to wash them before wearing. Which really you should do anyway.

    I know some people look down on buying from op shops, but they're the ones who should be looked down on. While they're spending fifty bucks on an ugly arse shirt, you've just bought a very nice formal suit/dress for a couple dollars.
    A friend of mine found this beautiful metallic dress in an op shop I know, it was gorgeous and I normally don't appreciate dresses, she got it for 4 AUD. We estimated that had she found that where it was originally bought it would have sold for at least a hundred bucks.

    Op shopping is the best kind of shopping. Hands down.

    • What you find in an op shop can vary.
      Some accept mainly clothing, some accept mainly other miscellaneous items.

      You can get books, videos, DVDs, CD roms, I've found a Gameboy at one. Scarves, belts, ties. Clothes, of course, bedding and towels (bedding and towels are only sold if still within packaging or in the case of towels evidently new and never used.) you can find kids toys, furniture, mirrors, etc.
      Practically anything.

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  • Per a very quick Google search "a store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution."


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  • Pretty much. But it's not gross or anything. I actually go buy clothingand books at thrift shops quite a lot.

  • Used items (not just clothes)...


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