He held my hand when I pointed to him from my seat? Is that good?

I was sitting in class, & a guy who was flirting with me, asked about Italy, & this guy I now is like an encyclopedia, so I pointed backwards ( partly to get him t stop talking to me) without looking back, & he grabbed onto my hand - well, my pinkie, & he just held it..

I did not turn around, cause I was really self conscious lol - I do not know him very well,.. I just said hi to him one day & he said I already ignored him, & I can't remember, but he sits behind me or in front or to the side now - 1 1/2 week... The thing with the finger is that good?

Anyways I felt like TONS of electricity.. I guess they call it sparks, but I wonder if HE felt them.


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  • So were you pointing backwards with your pinky & the guy grabbed it? I guess encyclopedia guy was sitting right behind you?

    Did you like "encyclopedia guy" before? Do you like him (even more) now?

    • I pointed backwards with my hand, & he grabbed my pinkie - maybe the whole had way too much of a commitment^^ ( there is nothing phallic about pinkies is there lol)

      I was only pointing to HIM to get flirty guy redirected, I was not expecting Encyclopedic - guy to really respond to ME at all.

      I like the spark, that I felt.. I did not know a pinkie could conduct that much energy lol

      I do not REALLY KOW ihm, but he said we met a year ago, & I ignored him, an not imagine ignoring anyone.. -

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    • I think I understand.

    • In hindsight, you should've said "I wasn't ignoring you. It just took me a year to come up wth the perfect response".) "

      btw that was REALLY funny.. I wish I HAD coe up with that, except I am a bt disturbed that I DON'T remember it...

      Anyways I neve said thanks.. We are talking now... After he started kicking my foot, I figured the next thing he touched might not be something I am ok with so I better TALK to him - joke , sort of, haha

      Yeah, I LIKE him so far whih is my record - 3 days : )

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  • yep, he likes you.. open yourself up to allow him to flirt. He sounds like he is ready to let you know how he feels, and is looking for a green light from you. Give it to him.

    Good Luck,


    • He sad he met a 1 year ago & he tried to talk to me & I ignored him.. I do not remember him or ignoring anyone & I have a photographic memory, so maybe he FELT like talking & that is what he means by TRIED.. Anyways, I do not just ignore anyone.

      What do you mean by " let you know how he feels" How would he do that? lol

      What is a green light & how do I let him know? I never really like anyone & I am just used to guys hitting on me, just to DO THAT... He is a bit different & I like that .

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    • Men are always worried about rejection. There are so many things that a person can decide about us that is not perfect, that it is easy to think someone will find fault with your looks, or how you talk, or your hair. Women have it made; they know exactly what men want. I guy has to worry about having cash, a car, good lucks, be funny, charming ,and presentable to her mom.

    • I worry about all that stiff , & I am a oman.. I do not think I have it made at all. I have no idea what any guy that I like wants, & I read woman just has easily or difficult as MEN.

  • it means he likes you but don't take it as he already loves you or something.try to have a chit chat next time . look if he laughs all the time while in convo and talks slow.if so it's clearly that he likes you.

    • Lol. Why would I think heLOVES me.. Are you serious, or joking, I mean is that a common Assumption people make ?

    • Yea you never know sometimes people think so lol I hope it's not common .

  • No that definitely is not good. You don't know this man and he has no business what so ever touching you. Very bad I would stay away from him. Any unwanted touching is sexual assault.


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  • Wow. lol. I don't really know what to say. First of all, if you like him, find out if it was a mutual feeling. Or, simply ask him why he grabbed it.

    • Well, I FELT SPARKS for sure lol

      I ddi not realize a pinkie could conduct that much energy.... all I know is he said he tried talking to me, 1 year ago.

      He said I met him a year ago & I ignored him, but I can not imagine ignoring anyone , I wonder if he really TRIED OR JUST WANTED TO TALK.

      ( There is nothing phallic about a pinkie - is thee - I mean no more then a HAND? lol)

      I do not think I can ASK him why lol.. He probably just FELT like it, I just wonder if he was just playing, or

    • Well, I've never heard of sparks flying when someone touched another person's pinkie. But, if you felt it, he MUST have felt it. It could be the beginning of something wonderful. (: You never know.

    • :-) Are you SERIOUS? I feel sparks - I mean, they are internal of course, when ever I touch someone I really like- well, him, but it has happened with other people too... You do not FEEL sparks?

      You MUST have felt sparks..... It is magical*