Girls, What should guys do to look more pleasing and sexually appealing?

I mean girls can wear make up and do their hairs and their looks get a lot more better and sexy.
What according to you girls, should guys do to make themselves better , more aesthetic and sexually appealing to you?
Guys can't wear make up , sadly.
So what to do?
Shave the face daily clean, use a nice after shave and shave their whole body religiously in shower and maybe use body lotion to make it sexier? Use lot of body Cologne? And keep hair on head in perfect shape?


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  • This has little to do with appearance, but being competent at something is very sexy. Or having a great deal of knowledge about one or two subjects. Like being a mechanic, or knowing a lot about planes. Whatever interests you, master it.

    • Okay. But what about the physical appearance?
      How to make the looks more sexy and pleasing?
      All things I mentioned work?

    • Yes... stay clean, either be clean shaven or keep your beard nicely trimmed. A little hair gel helps. Deodorant, but go easy on the cologne or after shave. Keep your fingernails clean and trimmed and your teeth brushed. Fresh breath is really important!

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  • Even if a guy can't wear makeup. effort can upgrade your look immensely.

    First, workout to shape your body. Build your body to have defined muscle tone yet not overly bulky. There are a lot of free online resources on how to achieve ths type of body. Believe me, this is the single most important thing you can do to improve your look. Even if you have average or below-average face, a ripped body will set you apart from your peers.

    Second, definitely shave. The mjority of girls prefer men with clean-shaven face and no mustache. A little stubble is sexy, but usually a thick stubble only makes you look unkempt.

    Third, wear nicer clothes. Wear shirts that look casual yet nice. Avoid T-shirts with stupid writings or any design/pictures. Opt for plain T-shirts if you must wear them, but if the occasion allows it choose regular shirts over T-shirts. Ditch the shorts and 3/4 length pants and opt for full-length pants. And please don't wear white tank tops. Those look cute on girls, on guys they look horrible. Don't wear flip-flops or anything that exposed your toenails, because generally guys don't take care of their nails well. Besides, flip-flops look cheap. Sneakers or regular nice black shoes are fine. By the way if you use sneakers, choose ones in a solid neutral color (black, dark blue, brown, gray) without any stuid prints and wear socks also in neutral colors (no loud colors or childish patterns/designs)

    You don't actually need cologne unless your natural body odour smells bad (maybe if you don't have time to shower). Smelling clean is what matters. Just shower regularly and you'l be good to go.

    For hair, don't cut it on a trendy yet strange model (like asymmetric or other crazy hairstyles). Generally guys look better without bangs, bangs make you look less manly. Keep it within normal color. Don't have hair that is too long (past ear length), it looks feminine, not sexy on guys.

    If you have acne, you can use a BHA or AHA exfoliant to keep our face smooth. Acne-free face definitely adds to a guy's charm.

    Hope this helps :)

    • That was nice :)
      Ok, clean shaved face, nice groomed head.
      No to shorts or 3/4 but why? Even after shaving the legs , guy shouldn't wear those?
      Ya we don't do manicure and pedicure, should we?

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    • yeah, but if you decide to shave your self, please leave a little body hair. Zero body hair is not masculine, it makes you look like a girl.

      By the way, can you help answer my question? I'll really appreciate your opinion :)
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  • Wear make up haha!

    • Really?
      If you say, we could do that as well :)

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    • Aww why this sad smily? Smile please! ;p
      Or you sad that we men will wax and look sexier than women? ;)

  • Shave the areas that need to be, but it's ok to have a little hair on your body. Definitely have good hygiene, shower every day, or as much as needed, and use deodorant religiously. Keep your hair nicely combed; this also depends on how long or short your hair is too. Wear clean clothes and make sure they match too. That's what I'd like

    • Clean clothes, regular shower and deo , ok I get that.
      But where to shave and how to leave little hair on certain places?
      Shave the upper body smooth , that's the female preference?

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    • No way, never. That's peach fuzz at the very max. Don't fool me :p I know enough about female bodies esp in terms of body hair :p

    • You can call it peach fuzz if you'd like I guess

  • Clothes that suit your figure. Dark jeans always, never light, and not loose jeans, either. Think European.

    Maintain your facial hair. I don't mean you have to be clean shaven if you don't want to be, but trim your stubble or your beard or moustache or whatever you have. Don't let it go willy nilly.

  • Wear nice clothes that suit your figure

    • Ok. And clean shaved face with nice after shave lotion and short hair work?
      No hair anywhere is appreciated, esp when wearing half sleeves or shorts in public?

  • -Exercise
    -Wear nice clothes that fit right
    -Shave or keep your facial hair trimmed
    -Invest in a good haircut

  • Working out and eating healthy is the biggest thing a guy (or gal) can do to look good.

    Having a haircut that fits your face and wearing clothes that fit are next.

  • What do you mean guys can't wear makeup? They can, most just don't. Just wear clean and well fit clothes, learn which colors suit you best... Women like different types of men. Be yourself and stand out, there will always be someone who's gonna like you anyway.

    • Men can, but would they look good?
      A man wearing lipstick or eyeliner?

  • Wear nice cloths that suit you and be well groomed.
    A guy who smells nice ( a bit of nice after shave) always makes me take notice!!
    A great haircut and styled is sexy too.
    And look fit and healthy - it is noticeable when a guy (girls too) exercises, eats well, gets enough sleep. They just look so much more vibrant.