Guys jeans have gotten tighter and girls jeans disappearing?

Is it me or does it seem like guys jeans have gotten tighter and girls jeans are kind of disappearing from their wardrobe?

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  • Thanks goodness guys are wearing pants that fit again.

    • Remember the early to mid 90s when everyone wore pants 4 sizes too big? lol

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    • I wasn't when I started, haha.

    • Me neither. That was 2009 for me. :X

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  • i've always thought jeans were ugly, glad to see them go. also guys with big thighs look great in tight jeans.

    • Isn't that an oxy though? You think they're ugly but you like seeing them on guys? lol :P

    • they're too ugly for girls to wear, guys can look decent in them.

    • Maybe you haven't found the right pair that you thought you'd look nice in. ;)

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    • Looks like something I'd wear if I were driving.

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