Going to a party [need suggestions from guys!]

I am going to a party tomorrow night, and I am wondering what I should wear. These guys haven't seen me in quite a while so I want to impress ;] guys, what clothes should I wear that will make me appear the sexiest? what are types of clothing that you just find incredibly hot?


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  • 1) Red or Black Dress that covers down to your knees with only slight cleavage, if any, revealed.

    - Sophisticated appeal.

    2) A skirt that is mid-thigh length and a complimenting blouse.

    - Typical party scene attire, in my opinion

    3) PJs and a tight shirt, don't ask... it's just attractive =/ (With your hair done, but no makeup)

    - The "fresh outta the shower" look

    4) Flattering attire. Blue jeans / T-shirt (anything casual)

    - What works for you.

    Other things that are completely awesome for looking attractive to me.

    When the girl has:

    - Crimped hair (I think that's what it's called.. really hard to do correctly)

    - Wavy or otherwise "wet and curly hair" that is taimed

    - Anything flattering with brighter colors (but no hot pink please)

    - Skirts and PJs can be turn ons, if it's the right girl

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • basically the more skin you show. the sexier. so if ur going for a really sexy look just go with w/e you can find that's low cut and short. but if ur not just go with something like jeans and a cute top


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