Girls, why most of you like guys with beards?

Beards are UGLY!!!

Of course I'm not such an idiot to grow a beard... just in order to be more good-lookin' to da opposite sex... but still I can't stand it when I see how bearded guys are considered better...

Beards are gross... and it's a fuckin' trend which started to appear around late 00s.. before ya didn't see so often dudes wid beards...

Not troll... I'm serious...


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  • I don't like beards. They hide a guy's jawline and I really like a good jawline.


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  • Troll.

    • How?

      It's ridiculous to be called like dat widout reason...

    • Fucking learn how to spell

    • First learn wot troll means... then I'll learn how to spell...

      Actually I already know but I prefer writing like THAT. See? I know. I said that instead of dat. And I won't change it no matter how much you beg. Only if I get an official warning about it.

  • I like dudes with mustaches like dem French peeps O Yaa haha

  • They simply happen to like them. Why do you like girls with curves? And why are some men drawn to some women who have no curves? It's just what they prefer.
    As for me, I am not particularly drawn to beards.

  • Hi, klaatu. Haven't seen you around in a while.
    You're probably trying to troll us (not very successfully, I might add), but I have to agree with you, beards are ugly.

    • Are ya serious? I'm not called like dat anymore and learn wot troll means first... I'm serious...

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    • OK I won't argue anymore then... it's pointless...

    • Agreed. Ciao :)

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