Girls help please!! fashion advice needed?

i need normal skinny jeans but only one store i go to has my actual size and the quality is cheap... stores like American eagle never fit right for my legs and butt and waist. i decided instead of jeans to go for sweatpants so i went to stores like sportcheck and garage and they did not look like sweatpants at all what so ever... they were leggings on me!! i tried on so many pairs of sweatpants that all looked as thight as leggings. I have long legs cuz im tall and i don't think i'm that thick but my butt and hip area is big. I don't understand how the same sweatpants look baggy on a girl that has bigger thighs, then on me they're extremily thight...:/ can my height have something to do with it or...


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  • I know you asked for girls to answer this, but I like fashion. I think depending on how tall you are it can definitely play a big role especially if you are above 5'7. Are the pants to short on you? If that's the case then the reason they look like leggings is because you need a longer leg size because the shorter one's proportions don't fit you do to your long legs. I know Kohl's can have a wide selection of fits and pricing is moderate. You may also be trying to buy a fit that just won't do well on your body type.

    • yes!! thank you, i think it's because the lenght is meant for shorter people cuz it didn't fit my lenght that well

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  • Get a bigger size then.

    • when i get a bigger size, the waist gets bigger which is the opposite of what i want.. the size stays the same around the bottom of my legs like my knee area