A woman in her twenties who has is working in a professional field (example: business, engineering, etc.), beautiful and hot, has her sh*t together, is a real big plus for ANY guy

BUT! and this is one of those BUTs!

she has her own beliefs when it comes to commitment, relationship, sex and etc. she does not sleep with a guy who she dates until she is in a secured relationship and trusts the guy, and that is what she comes to, herself! could take up to 6 months or maybe more in some cases!

does this make her NOT DATE-ABLE?

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  • I see a lot of this "I am date-able?" or "Can I ever get a date?". The answer always is that everyone is different, and that NO one is undatable because everyone likes different things about different people. I for one would be turned off by a girl who doesn't wait to have sex. To me 6 months is nothing.

    I am not trying to be mean, but I'm going to have to disagree that "this is one of those BUTs!". If a guy really cares about you then he would wait until you are ready, no further questions asked.

    • Yeah everyone seems to "say" it, but when it comes to the "act" part, sex plays a major roll in a relationship. it's like people wanna have sex first, before they even think about whether or not she/he is the right person for them.

      I know there tonnes of these questions, but as I was searching, they put a picture and want opinion on that\, more of a physical thing. that's why I asked. but thanks for your answer :)

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    • ArtistBboy - I a confused at what it is you are agreeing with her on or disagreeing with me on. This topic's question was certainly entirely sex related, unless I am reading this entire thing wrong. The last sentence or two even summarizes it all. Of course to me sex isn't a "major part" at all, but that's why I brought up everyone is different, because just scroll down, obviously to some it is a major enough part.

    • Yeah you got me right Dragonblood21. I am pretty confident of who and what I am, but for some reason, people that I've dated have not been able to wait before jumping into bed. Maybe just my luck so far. but I agree with the part you said: if a guy likes you he'll wait. I guess I just haven't found a guy who likes me cause of who I am, and just was attracted to me physically

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  • This sentence: "could take up to 6 months or maybe more in some cases!" closely relates to my own preference, believe it or not. Highly dateable, infact preferable to my self.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Nice...only if you were a few years older ;) hahaha jk

    • Haha, okay okay... How about if you were a few years younger ;)

      Truthfully, don't worry about age. Do what works for yourself.

  • Personality wise is good but looks do matter too and 6 months is a long time.

  • You sound very rigid, doubt I would make it to the 6 month mark.

    • 6 months is easy to make... Just have other alternatives to sex, for instance- go skydiving.. It's more of a rush and more addictive than having your penis pleased, in my opinion.

  • Personally, I don't see any problems with anything you said.


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  • Guys like girls who they can protect.

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