What could this mean?

So this guy and I used to throw paper/pen caps at each other and trade playful insults. Lately the only thing that's been happening is eye contact and some smiling. Everyone tells me he's into me... So today I saw him in the hall and he was watching me the whole time as I was staring at him. He looked down and I threw a piece of paper at him. It bounced off him and (still looking down) went "what the f..." but didn't actually drop the f-bomb. He sounded a little confused... My friend told me it's probably because before the f-word slipped out he realized it was me and stopped himself. Then during the class we have together he kept looking at me and glancing away quickly when I caught him staring. I don't know what to think of this... Please help!

Sorry my comment button doesn't work: what do you mean by "I'm a big thing" to him now?


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  • When he first started interacting with you, he was flirting like a normal dude.

    Then he started to "like" you, and the fun stopped.

    As of now, you're a "big thing" to him.

    Yes, he is acting like a little kid.


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  • it sounds like he's deffinatly into you, maybe he's turned abit shy because he likes you, what sounds like he is from the whole hall way thing, maybe it embaressed him or made him shy when he noticed that you noticed him watching you. The whole throwing paper/pen caos and playful insult stopping is because he might think that you'll just see him as imature (like maybe he feels he has to act more grown up) though I can't see the damage in having abit of fun and joke like that as I'm abit the same :) and the fact that your still trying to show him you can mess around with him and have a laugh is good I don't see why being in a relationship or liking each other or anything like that should ever stop people from having a laugh with each other and being silly like that and having abit of fun instead of everything being so serious (me and my ex always used to do stuff like that to each other) and if your interested in him to maybe just approach him and talk to him because it looks like he wants to talk to you but abit too shy too, so I say you should talk to him and maybe show him that you like him that way too :) oh also the 'whole what the f...' thing may have been because he had his head down he might not of seen you throw it so he might have just been abit like where the hell did that come from and when he saw you he may have then realised that you'd thrown it at him hence the whole stopping from swearing thing :) not sure if any of this helped but I hope it did also I hope it made sense lol