I want to get into modeling.

I hear everyone tell me all the time are you a model. I'm not saying hey I'm gonna go out and be gisle bunchen but I don't see the harm in taking some pictures going down to a few agencies seeing what I can do? worth a shot?

I'm 6'0 ft I'm thin I'm pretty BUT I'm def not flat chested or crypt keeper skinny I'm thinking more swimsuit lingerie-ish and I'm only 18 so there its not like I'm banking on this to make my paychecks I will be in school


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  • I'm a photographer and work with a lot of models. You're tall - that's good, models need to be tall. You're thin - also good. Clothing manufacturers don't want models that aren't thin-there have been arguments over this for years, but that's just the way it is-overweight is not a good look on a catwalk or in a magazine-end of story.

    You might want to try it first - like most jobs, modelling is not what people think. It's very very hard work, often in cramped and uncomfortable conditions. Sometimes you have to wait around doing nothing for hours. Local art colleges or amateur photographic clubs are often looking for models. Make a few enquiries (make it clear that you don't want to do nude modelling) and see if you get offered anything. After trying it you may not like the experience, but it won't have cost you anything. Be very careful with modelling agencies. Thousands of girls pay a so-called "finders fee" and never get offered a single job. Good luck.


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  • Sure, do it if you want to.