Why don't guys just admit that it's all about LOOKS?

everyone knows that they would rather go for the hotter girl first, but don't because she will probably reject them. then they end up settling for us and treat us like crap.

any thoughts?

hot girls get away with a lot
and not to be rude, but the whole "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" crap is crap. that's just what people who are unhappy about how they look say.


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  • You say you wouldn't use a guy just for money but you obviously put that up near the top of your list. When you make things like gifts and wine and dine your priorities, you're saying "BUY ME" or "I"M PROPERTY". When you get what you asked for and are treated like a consumable object, you have no room to complain. If you want a guy to make an effort on other areas you need to show you can take care of yourself financially and that you value other things about a relationship first and foremost. From your text you sound like a high maintenance shallow girl that parades herself around as a trophy. You probably have an unpleasant personality that drives guys away when they think to themselves "THIS ISN'T WORTH IT" or you get guys that think you are hot enough to stick around long enough to sleep with you a few times and then they've had enough of your crap and bail. Look at yourself and think about how you treat people, how you see the world, and how you present yourself. You'll find you usually get what you ask for.

    For me its about 10% looks (enough for me to say hmm she's cute, I wounder what's she's about) an 90% personality. I'm a good looking guy that gets every woman in the grocery line side glancing me, all the girls in the room staring at me, etc. and I've had enough of girls like you. The personality is where its at.

    • If you read the analogy I made below, I do state that it is a fictitious scenario. I'm trying to explain to men what it feels like to women to be used for sex. I obviously don't do that to guys.

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  • You admit it's all about money first. Looks only matter for initial attraction. There are many other factors that play into whether or not a person is attractive. And as far as the hot people getting away with more, that is only if you let them. I'm much more likely to get pis*ed off at a 'hot' person whom acts like an (_o_) simply because they think their looks justify their disrespectful behavior.

    • Absolutely. If you don't let hot people get away with things, then they won't. Looks are important for attraction, but personality is what matters.

      If you're finding guys who are only interested in looks, you're either dating the wrong guys, or in denial.

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    • I don't sugarcoat anything either. I like brutal honesty. Things happen for reasons and you must not pretend that those reasons aren't true, when they really are. In other words, if some average girl convinces herself she didn't get used and that it was her personality that was the problem, then she won't stop dating guys out of her league and will always get used----same result will follow, and she'll never learn that she's just not attractive enough for these hot guys.

      **i agree with you.

    • It is amazing that after all that confusion and debate we somehow ended up in the same place dear. Lmao, I'm just glad it didn't turn into a shi* flinging contest as many things tend to, especially here=P

  • Sounds like somebodys had some bad luck in the dating world.

    • These are all just analogies and fictitious scenarios.

  • You need both mental and physical attraction to make a long term relationship to last. Looks might be fine for the short term relationship.

    You could say the opposite that girls are only interested in money.


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  • True, looks make someone like you initially, but its your personality that makes people fall in love with you.

    • Well said. if ur in a bad rship because of being treated like crap. why don't you just leave. ur obviously not compatible. and besides. some people come off as nice but turn out to be mean vice versa...its ALL about first impression