Girls, any tips for moms on how to dress?

tips on hair clothes etc..


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  • I've been a Mom since I was 22 and I dress according to my body type. I get complimented all of the time on my appearance and the way I look.
    It isn't all about age but its more so your physical looks.
    What is your body type?
    How does your face look? Is It youthful or mature looking?
    There's certain looks someone can get away with if they look young and fresh still.
    When I dress, I don't put a title on myself that I am a Mom.
    I feel young and vibrant and that is how I dress.
    Don't label yourself Mom according to the way you dress, or people will suggest old lady clothes.
    I'm a MILF!
    And I'd like to keep it way way until I'm 40++++++

  • Don't try to look too young. I saw a mature lady wearing skinny jeans, heels, a leather jacket, dyed hair, and gaudy makeup and it looked ABSOLUTELY awful. So yah, mothers that try to look and act a generation younger are not attractive to men or women. Just be yourself! --just don't dress really old lady-ish or frumpy. Good luck! <3

    • Soo true! But keep in mind the asker is still in her prime, she's not 40+

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    • Age appropriate is what you mean.
      Yes, I can agree with that.

    • @Stacyzee Yes, age appropriate. :-) <3

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