What are some ways that you can tell that a female in class likes you?

in class I fee lalot of eyes looking at me I look up I feel them stop looking


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  • If she smiles when she looks at you or says hey or does something flirty when you see her outside of class like in the hall... Or stare at her first and wait for her to see you and then smile

    • This 1 female in 1 of my classes she would look at me than I catch her looking at me she would smile and I b like what and she says nothing smile at me all the time that I'm talking to her or not talking to her

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  • Look for the under-noted things, the things that carry meaning.


    - When she smiles with interest in her eyes, but is noticeably shy

    - When she is restless while you talk with her and asking if she looks okay

    - When she sits all the way at the front of the room, to look over her shoulder at you


    It's the things that don't make any sense at all. It's where she goes OUT-OF-HER-WAY to have you notice her, or to be able to notice you.

    ~ ArtistBBoy