Fashion folks! Please help me with something quickly. Do you think this could fit?

I want to buy a cardigan as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. It's an American website that I would buy it from and let it be shipped to my country. Now... I'm rather bad with fashion and I don't know anything about US American sizes. Obviously I can't ask her "what size would be good for you" cuz that would ruin the whole surprise. So maybe you folks can help me out here. My girlfriend is 1.63m (5'3'') and 52kg (115 lbs). The choices are:
XXS (00-0)
XS (2-4)
S (6-8)
M (10-12)
L (14-16)
XL (18)
I'm assuming it would probably be either an S or an M but I don't really know what would be better. She's sort of petite but not super petite. I was thinking that some girls here might know either from their own bodies or from shopping clothes with friends.


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  • What's the brand?

    See if you can find similar items used on a site like Vinted, Tradesy, Threadflip, Poshmark, or eBay.

    On any of those sites except eBay, the sellers are probably the original wearers. Just message them and ask them for their height and weight (this is not rude or awkward -- it's a perfectly normal thing to do on these kinds of sites).

    On eBay, you can ask for the original wearer's ht/wt if available -- or, if not, the seller will probably be willing to take measurements of the garment (which you can then compare to yr girl's other stuff).

    Is this a Neiman Marcus store brand, by any chance? Or something like Bagatelle?

    • Also, the girls at purseforum (forum. purseblog. com) should be able to help you, too.

      That's technically... well... a purse blog, but, the girls know fashion, and they are SUPER nice and often go out of their way to help people find answers.

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  • I'm thinking small or XS but yeah for sure check her other clothes and do an online size conversion as anon stated.

  • I'd guess small. I'm 5'2" and about 100 lbs and a size XS

  • If she's busty go with the M, if she's not an S should fit.

  • You can just look inside one of her other cardigans at the label and see her European size, then use any online converter to see what size that is in the US.


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