Attractive to you boys?

My name is Natalie

I'm 5'2, I have a best feature. well maybe

Toned abs, 1/4 Brazilian 1/4 Black and the rest of me is white

I'm adopted I'm not sure what the rest stands to be

I have two brothers, I'm an athlete

I have quick legs, I was a gymnast=very flexible

Oval dark brown eyes, they sparkle sometimes

Perfect smile. thanks to braces years ago.

I'm talkative, love to make people laugh hence love to laugh.

I love giving advice, I love taking it, if it's well worth my time.

Is this attractive to you. How so?


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  • Toned, brazilian, and nice butt? We have a winner ;)

    But seriously, you have two brothers which says a lot sometimes. most girls that have brothers really understand guys on another level and are very laid back

    I love it when a girl is talkative. Most of the time when I go out, it's almost being like a game show host. I constantly have to drive the conversation because I am inevitably the dominant one in the group (I'm loud and kind of a wise-ass)

    I'm also big into smiles, sometimes a girl's smile can say a lot about her hygiene


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  • all sounds really good, your pic looks great too (truth about the perfect smile girl), and we do love ourselves a nice ass

    personality is real important too though, if you're mean or stuck up the rest won't matter you know. Just keep that smile gleaming, laugh and have a good time, you should do fine

  • very attractive. you were a gymnast so that means you have muscular leg. and its cute how u give advice

  • Lol silly. Why do girls always comment on the fact that they're a gymnast and very flexible?

    • Lmao I know right

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    • Lol ok that's good. But just to let you know, that's what guys think of when you say you're flexible, lol

    • Oh oops my bad, not what I meant!

  • uber sex duh

  • short athletic girls with a butt.sounds like an epic hottie


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  • This is coming from a girl but you're gorgeous!

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