What should I do about this girl?


Me and this girl use to be really sexually attracted to each other, and we use to love each other a lot. But we was only seeing each other, and we was seeing how things were going. Everything was perfect until everything went downhill very fast and she decided to call it off and I kept trying to get her back but it wasn't working. Sometimes she would kiss me at party's and stuff when we was drunk, but she eventually realized that things were just too awkward and she still stuck by her decision. What happened was I become a major obsessive freak. I hate myself now for it, and she didn't like it. But about 4 months ago she got with another guy and I didn't speak to her for 3 weeks. I started talking to her again afterward and sometimes she will still show a lot of interest in me, and even while she was with someone, our relationship together was still pretty much a lot better than it was with her boyfriend, so I continued in hope that I could make things better. In February time, she still looked like she was showing a lot of interest in me, and didn't know what to do about her new boyfriend. She would be coming to town with me or going out places with me, chatting to me on msn and stuff all the time. She would even leave her boyfriend in college on his own while she come to town with me. Eventually he started to tell her he was cutting himself over her because he thought he was losing her, and he loved her so much and thought she was the most perfect thing in the world. She told him that he is an amazing guy and perfect for her and that her feelings for me was non existent anymore. That really annoyed me after all that had happened. I mean sometimes in party's when we was drunk we would listen to our favorite love song together and she would snuggle up to me and cry happy tires, while she's with this guy!? In my rage I told her I didn't wanna talk to her again for 3 months, and she said "That's what you say all the time" and so far, I gone 1 and a half months without talking to her. And she's made no attempt to contact me back. But we seem to look at each other every so often and just turn back dead quick. And her boyfriend keeps making deliberate attempts to make me jealous like grabbing her hands as soon as I come to the back of the cafe in college. On the up side, I been going to the gym since I stopped seeing her, and my body has transformed, am 10st 10lbs when I lasted checked 2 weeks ago, and I started to get a six pack and I have gained a lot of muscle. Several people have commented at college saying am getting very muscular. I also jog 5 miles a day and go to the gym 3 times a week doing intense muscle work. People have noticed a lot. But as for her boyfriend. He does not excise, he smokes and takes drugs I know its nasty, but am just trying to look a lot better than he is so she will notice. I dunno if she has noticed because she not said anything. I learned from my mistake do you think she will see sexual attraction again, what to do?


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  • She is dangerous. Stay away or you'll regret you were born.


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