Who belongs to Poshmark, have you had issues?

Poshmark is where you buy and sell clothing and accessories, usually for cheaper than in store. I know most people who buy/sell are girls, but guys can join and buy/sell too.
I joined to buy jeans for a girl friend she picked out and also a belt and shirt to bundle together. So many times I've been ignored when I asked someone to model them, or to figure out a price, or no response as if refusing to sell to me.
I know it's because I'm a guy, because girls go on and ask with no issues, and even guys model clothes when asked, everyone follows the same rules!
I think it's crazy guys on poshmark are treated badly, and sellers aren't acting professional. If they sell bras, modeling jeans should be no big deal if they want to make money selling...


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  • Lol dude
    If yr complaint is that people on posh are "not professional", then... well, pretty much yeah. That's kinda the whole niche that posh has carved out within that community.

    I mean, think about how the site works:

    • There's no way to leave any sort of negative feedback if a sale doesn't work out. (You'll get yr money back, but, there's no way to "report" the seller, or indicate that incident history in any other way that can actually be looked up by other users.)

    • The whole "flat rate shipping" thing takes away any incentive the sellers might have to be more efficient at logistics and shipping. (On a site like eBay, if the seller can pack a lighter box, they make a greater profit. On posh, it doesn't matter, as long as it's less than 5 pounds.)

    • Posh charges OUTRAGEOUS commissions, compared to eBay, Tradesy, and a couple other resale sites.

    • There are no returns at all, unless something is totally not at all what the seller said it was... and, even then, they only give you 72 hours FROM DELIVERY to report it. (Really? Don't people ever, like, go places? LOL)

    • You actually HAVE to use the phone app to sell things. There's a desktop / web app, but, the only way to sell is with the phone.

    I mean, just think about these things combined, and think about who would actually go for that sort of arrangement.
    If I were some high-school girl who wanted to be super lazy -- and didn't even want to fuck around with things like weighing packages, Paypal accounts, USPS labels, and possibly dealing with returns -- then, I'd totally sell on posh. Just whip out the phone, take a couple of crappy pics, and, boom.

    So... that's yr market niche.

    There are still some sellers on there who are responsible and quick with communication, but, honestly, they are more likely to be the exception than the rule.

    There are a FEW professional sellers on there, and it's REALLY easy to tell exactly who they are -- and then to go find their profiles on other sites, where they will inevitably be selling things for way less (because Posh takes something like $5 plus 20 percent of the entire sale, omfg). If you encounter one of these sellers, just get their text # or other outside contact, and see if you can arrange the sale through paypal or some other alternate mechanism.

    • Oh, also

      No offense, but, if you are a dude and you are going on there and asking women to model stuff, then, honey, that is sketchy af. Do you actually not see that? SMH

      Modeling stuff is lots of effort, too, the way. You should just learn to ask for measurements instead -- that's more useful, AND people are much more likely to actually do it for you.

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    • I get what your saying, but they get my shipping info and billing info too and credit card info. If any man does what you say the woman has his information.

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  • I've never heard of it before


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