Girls-what is a good, everyday bra to get?

I'm 16 and a size 32C in bras.

I am slightly picky. I want a push-up bra with underwires. It has to be nude and fairly comfortable.



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  • That sounds like a question to ask the lady in a Victoria's secret. They have all the types and measurements, and know it all like the back of their hand. it's their job. I don't know what advice anyone could give, other than "A nude bra with underwire that fits."

    • I already asked someone at Victoria's Secret and she couldn't help... at all. I am never going there again. I feel as if they don't know bras like the back of their hand. I was hoping that some of the ladies here could help a girl out, that's all. Thanks for your opinion anyways, though.

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    • As long as you are satisfied, that is the most important thing!
      I only mentioned VS by name because they are the only lingerie store I can think of off the top of my head :)

    • Thank you!

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  • I have a large bust (34F) and push-ups kill me after about an hour so I have no idea as far as push-ups but never go to Victoria's Secret for bras.. they aren't comfortable or supportive. My favorite place is Bare Necessities they have a large range of bras and someone will be happy to help you there. I also wouldn't go for bras from say target as they aren't as best quality either. I would invest into a good bra that'll last some time (assuming you're still growing) and I only have experience shopping online since my size isn't in stores, but I hope this helps! :)


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