Outfit for a movie night (day) :) ?

So I already asked about what kind of underwear you guys like ( https://www.girlsaskguys.com/fashion-style/q1963836-which-bra-panty-combo-for-some-weekend-fun#new ) and now it occurred to me that I don't know what to wear as actual clothes :D

I'm going over to a guy's (22) place tomorrow (afternoon/evening). I'm guessing we'll play video games for 30 minutes or so, then watch movies for a couple hours and then he'll probably walk me home. Also we're probably going to get it on. So, what should I wear?

I feel like tight jeans are too uncomfortable for watching a movie (or "watching a movie"). They don't sent the right message. I want to make it obvious that I'm down for some bedroom action. Please don't write 'naked', that's not an option :D

So, yoga pants? Leggings? Sweats? A loose top? What do you guys like? by the way he's very chill (last time I was at his place - which was really forever ago - he put sweatpants on at some point) and he likes the Vans/leggings/tattooed girls if you know what kind of style I'm talking about so maybe something like that.. but what would you recommend?

I meant so say *send the right message
obviously. :)


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  • He and I seem to have similar taste. I like the casual idea.
    Wear your date night underwear to showcase your bets, and a tank top that your bra/tattoos peak out of a whole bunch. Leggings or yoga pants will suit the ensemble fine.

    • Thank you! This is a lot more helpful than the Buss Lightyear pj's Twolips suggested :D

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    • ugh Buss am I serious? What's that even supposed to mean? BUZZ of course :D My childhood character!
      Yes, that's what I thought. There's just something about Buzz that doesn't exactly scream 'sex'...

    • Exactly, thats what I'm saying, Buzz has his place, which is at a pajama party, or Halloween at work.
      You need yoga pants and vickys secret for tonights performance.

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  • Well you want to go for comfy, but sexy. A nice sweater dress, cowl neck, with a belt could be really comfy, but then pair it with some leather leggings (do you have some that stretch?), which means you are down for something after.

  • I'd say black leggings and a blouse that complements your hot pink racer-back bra.

  • Can't go wrong with buzz light year pajamas


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