My brakes have been squealing for a while!

Its starting to p*ss me off cause I have a nice car and its squealing. I'm sure its the rear brake drums cause my mom and friend said that's where it sounds like its coming from. it only squeals when I press on the brake with a certain pressure. its a 2008 dodge avenger. I'm going to replace the rear brake shoes with a ceramic shoe. Has anyone had success by doing this? What do you all think it could be?


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  • It could be dirt on the brakes if they are not worn out. Spray some brake cleaner on the rotors or drums. (I'M surprised that a 08 has drums) Usually the front wear out before the rear brakes.

    Ceramic brakes are kind of a gamble. They must fit perfectly otherwise the wheel & brakes will got too hot & might cause trouble. Hopefully the mechanic will be honest with you if the ceramic brakes are a perfect fit.

    I usually stick with what came with the car. The manufacturer/engineer decided on those brakes for a reason.

    • Unfortunatley engineers make stuff that has a certain lifetime too! I've already replaced my front pads with a ceramic cause I thought it was coming from the front but only to be let down to hear it still squealing. I've rubbed a brake lube on all pads and shoes and that didn't help. The guy at tuffy told me its mosty likely a vibration that is causing the squeaking but I don't think that is it.

    • Use a brake cleaner not lube.

      I have 50K on a car with factory brakes. I'm not always right but a guy at work has been going to see either Mann, Moe or Jack for a new clutch cable. I told him about factory like I wrote to you & he went to Ford & said not only does his car feel like it has more torque & power he even thinks it sounds louder.

      I know a guy that restores 60's & 70's cars (who knows a lot about cars) & a dealer mechanic who claim the same.

      I stick with factory parts.

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  • Dude I got the same problem with my beamer. They squeak like crazy for no reason. I have checked it out many times, and cleaned everything but nothing has helped. There is still a lot of tread on the brakes so I don't want to replace them because even brakes are pricey on BMW's. Good luck, hopefully you don't have to replace pads, and rotors

    • Ouch that's got to be more embarrsing with a beamer than my dodge. I don't know if all tuffy shops do it, but the one around me has free brake inspections. Try that. I already tookmy car to them and they didn't notice anything wrong with it.

    • I've already checked them a couple times,and I'm pretty decent in auto skills. The brakes aren't the worst part, the paint is having clear coat failure. Unfortunatley I have no money to repaint it. But I got a really great deal on it this summer, so I can't complain too much.

  • Check the pads to see if the wear indicator is rubbing, that can make the noise. Look around for anything metal that's shinny, that could be what's rubbing.

    • Well the 1st time I took my drum off to see what the pads were like, it looked a little rusty on the inside maybe so if the pads don't work I was just going to buy new drums cause its seriosuly embarrassing with a farely new car havin problems that not even my old 97 explorer had.