Why has he gone cold?

I recently went out on a date with a guy I've known around 4 years. I hadn't seen him in 2 years by the date, which was to the cinema. We were making out the whole way through, and at the end...he took off my bra. It was completely out of character for me to let this happen, and I felt completely stupid, but I was curious as to what his actions were going to be.

He wouldn't let me have my bra for the remainder of the date, and had been trying for the whole week, and the date, to get me back to his house. I made it clear this wouldn't be happening, but he took my travel card so I had to follow him onto his bus.

We stood nearby his house making out for a while...and then we stood cuddling for over an hour. By this time it was almost 3am and my mother had been calling. There were no trains or buses by this time, so she picked me up.

Afterward, he texted me asking if I had fun, to which I responded yes. He also gave me a hickey, which seemed a bit immature for an 18 year old. 2 days later, he texted again saying he wanted to kiss me, and for us to touch each other in inappropriate places, so I replied that I wanted to slow down. This was the first date, and his hands had been almost everywhere. Since this text he has been quite cold with his texts and hasn't called.

I playfully texted asking when I could have my underwear back, and he responded "whenever". I don't understand what I've done wrong? He knows me, and must comprehend that I'm not like that.

What game is he playing? What shall I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he thought you were easy, which you kinda led him to believe by letting him do whatever he wanted with his hands, but found out that you had some boundaries which upset him. I say good for you. I'm surprised you let him get that intimate with you on the 1st date with you anyways. You should dictate the terms. Never let anyone take advantage of you. You should never feel like you have to "give it up" to win someone over.


What Girls Said 1

  • You are his practice girl... its sad but that's what some girls are used for to figure out and work out the kinks...

    Its time too move on... b careful who you let play with your goods because when you let that happen...there playing with your heart!

    • Not when you do not LIKE them, & it just feels good^

      -Some girls like to practice as well. :-)