I want a tattoo. But know nothing about them. Help me lol. What do I need to know?

Sooo... I'm 19 female, and I'm kinda rebelling a little bit. I want a tattoo and my belly button pierced, but we will talk about that another day.

Where are good/ sexy spots for females to get small tattoos. (I want it to be hidden, unless I want it to be seen, if that makes sense.)

I was kinda thinking about my hip, like on the front. And getting the words "This too shall pass" with maybe a heart or arrow or something.

I am absoultly terrified of needles, so I don't know what to do about that. Any advice there?

How much is it going to hurt?

Is there numbing creams or anything I could use?

Am I not able to do certain things right after getting a tattoo?

Any advice is welcome, from males or females!!

Thanks guys!! 😊


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  • a lot of girls are getting tattoo's on there sides , like around the bra strap areas if you know what I mean by that location. feet or ankles are also popular places to get inked. a lot of girls your age have a belly piercing so that shouldn't be a big deal


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  • I have three pretty big ones! One is on my collar bone, one on my back and the other on my thigh. They are usually described as a "cat scratch"... the outlines hurt... but getting color done hurts less (more surface area of needles). Don't look at what is being done if you are worried/afraid of needles.

    Hot places:
    Collar bone
    Lower hip
    Lol tramp stamp
    Upper thigh

    My back hurt the most... and my thigh tat hurt on the inner part (garter tat, goes all the way around), the collarbone half shoulder tattoo hurt the least.

    Tips: being tatted on a bone is a sharp pain, muscle is a tender pain, fat is a dull pain!

    Oh and don't get the tat in a less painful place just so it hurts less, get it where you want it regardless!! You will have it for life!

    Oh and eat a good meal before you go! Bring some pop or juice to drink as well.

    Lastly... find a good tattoo place. Make sure it is reputable. Find a tattooist you trust. Don't go to the first one you meet... have a few do variations of the design you want!

    Rock on!


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  • I got two so far it's what you want something you like somthing you love anything hit me up ill help you find the one you want

    • Haha okay, what kind of ideas do you have? I'm interested! :)

  • Get a tattoo around your belly button. It would look so hot. Especially if you do get that belly button piercing too.


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  • Wait until you know you REALLY want it. Don't just get one for the sake of getting one.