How can I look beautiful for my boyfriend?

I know this sounds really superficial but I really want to look beautiful for my boyfriend. I feel like my boyfriend doesn't think I'm beautiful at all. He calls me cute a lot but I don't want to be just cute... I want to wow him... I want to be beautiful to him. One time my boyfriend even admits that although he found my face average looking he loved my personality and thought my body was hot. And that was it. I always gets insecure whenever I see him see a pretty girl because he always points out how "beautiful and really pretty that girl is" and stuff like that. I have nothing against him finding other girls beautiful but it always eats up my self esteem for some reason. I never really say anything about it so I just dealt with it. Now my problem is, many other guys have called me gorgeous and beautiful before. I feel like I am a little above average overall, because I've been told by many people that I have a really great body (I'm tall and slim, 34C, hourglass figure). Not only that, I am really great with dressing up myself and love wearing cute outfits like dresses, shorts, etc. My style can be considered cute/laid back very Hollister and Abercrombie type clothing. My best features on my face would be my lips because they are red and full but not big and they are pretty shapely. My worst feature would be my facial structure and that really makes me insecure because my boyfriend said that was the thing that made me not as pretty because I have an egg shaped head with a wide forehead... Also the biggest thing he hates is my hair. Because it's really long and dry and damaged and I always put it up in a ponytail and he hates that. I've let go of my hair before and he says I look 3x better, but I don't know if he thinks i look beautiful or not. I also wear glasses as well... What can I do to make myself look beautiful to my boyfriend? any makeup, fashion, hair advice?


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  • get a surgery xD

    naaah! just joking... i think there is no problem, or just the one in your head. If he didn't think you're beautyfull he wouldn't date you... got that?
    So maybe you just say him not talk so much about the beauty of other girls, while this makes you insecure.


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  • I think you should tell your boyfriend it bothers you he comments on other girls.. And focus on how you believe you look good, not how your boyfriend would want you to look like. From what I read above, one thing you dislike and could easily change is your hair. Cut the damaged ends and take care of it more.


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