How do I avoid orange hair disasters in the future when bleaching?

Alright I'm going to explain how my dance with the bleaching process went on and I hope I'll receive some answers. to know what I've been doing wrong and how to avoid this in the future. Starting with a natural brown hair.How do I avoid orange hair disasters in the future when bleaching?

Then I used a dye that claimed to raise the color 2 tones. This was the result.Then I tried using a high lift dye claiming to lighten the hair up to 6 tones. The result was a disastrous orange with light yellow roots and hideous orange ends. All of this was done in 1 day. The next day I bleached my hair again to lighten the ends.The I dyed it medium blonde.
Now I was not very happy with this color because it looked too brasy in the sun light. Then I don't remember exactly what I did but I know I bleached again, after 2 days. I either bleached first then applied an icy blonde or a sliver dye mixed with bleach later or I applied one of this dyes mixed with bleach first and then applied the other dye later. it's certain though that because my hair was becoming orange again i used the other. The result was this.
Chicken yellow. I toned it with some purple shampoo and it turned out a nice ashy blonde.I was pleased with it but I thought "Hell, let's take it all the way to platinum silver". So I bleached again and noticed since the first minuted, 10 or so, that instead of lightening it was beginning to turn out that disgusting reddish brass again. So I rinsed it out and indeed that's what it was becoming to turn to. And it was only bleach, albeit more diluted. So I rinsed it out immediately and saturated it with purple shampoo. it saved my color but what should I do next especially when my roots grow? I want to turn it platinum silver and it would suit me as I'm a goth anyway? Not that ashy silver that's done with dye but a very light platinum silver or something along the lines of platinum white.
Please tell me and tell me why it was getting orange again instead of lightening?


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  • I think if you are naturally dark haired, it's very difficult to achieve a platinum blond through bleaching at home. Maybe you should see a colourist.

  • I think you should wait before deciding to dye it again. Your hair will NOT handle it. It's already pretty damaged.
    As for the orange undertones you should use a violet toner. For yellow undertones use a blue toner.
    Look it up on google.

    • I'm not intending to bleach it again any time soon. I know I have to wait at least 2 weeks preferably a month and I realize my hair won't take it anymore right now, I prefer being ashy blonde or even golden rather than to try platinum and go bald. So if I would have used a toner when hitting that orange shade instead of bleaching it again and dying it a medium blonde I could have cooled the color and make it something along the lines of caramel. I wasn't really happy of how orange, brass and chicken yellow looked in sunlight. Too warm. It would have been good to know that before, at least my hair would not have taken so much punishment, but thank you for telling me, at least now I know.

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  • excuse the question but... are you male or female? and besides bleaching do something with your hair... you look like a junkie ^^

    • Why do you say I look like a junkie?

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    • you dont look horrible... just a bit worn out? ... like after a really hard night... or something that way..

      i dont know its funny... on the first pictures u look like a teen male emo, on the following 3 pictures you look more like a mid-life housewife, on the next 2 pics you remember me on a creepy french barber i saw in a tv show, then you look like a crossdresser,

      ok if you wanna let your hair grow its allways difficult... i know that , I've done that as a teen too. and it looked like crap before they reach the right length xD

    • Lol, yes I understand. Picture 9 was taken Friday after a busy day at the office after a shower with purple toning shampoo and the last was taken Friday night after I took another shower and drank some beer in advance, so yes, I was pretty tired and it showed. Still, good to know in the right circumstances I pass. Thanks for advice. ;)