Easier to approach a girl?

So, I have a problem. I'm interested in this one theme. If the girl that a guy likes is incredibly beautiful is that a huge obstacle for him to make an approach?

Because, I know that guys are afraid of making the first move, so if a girl is everything you want and more (in a physical and psychological manner) , does it scare you even more?

Does it seem easier to approach a girl you kinda like or a girl that you really want (are in love with)?


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  • It's always easier approaching the girl you kinda like than the possible love material.

    We're p****** (contrary to our gender haha). But it's not easy for anyone. We want to make sure we're not hurt, but then again, we want to experience something, and something secure is better than nothing.

    And hell yes we're scared of beautiful girls. How can we not be. mythical creatures from some unknown planet sent here on Earth to molest us in our dreams and torture us in reality. Damn beautiful women! Give us a break!


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  • I'll go against the crowd here, and say "No, not really."

    I'll be a little more cautious (and perhaps put an extra ounce of thought into things before approaching her) but if she's everything you describe, I'd be significantly more interested in getting to know her than usual. That would far overcome any "Wow, she's perfect.she must already have someone." worries.

    I would take things a touch more delicately than usual, by which I mean that I would probably start with a little lighter flirt than for a woman who was less of a goddess (as I'm sure she's rather used to being hit on by everything that moves) and I'd pay a bit more attention (how does she carry herself, how does she smile, is she an outgoing sort, etc), so as to have a greater chance of success when I do approach her.

    Other than that, there's no change.

    A great deal of guys are worried that a beautiful woman is either terribly flawed (she must be, right? No one's perfect.) or way out of their league (because they lack confidence). Once the guy realizes that if you don't approach them, they're all out of your league (and that there is such a thing as a beautiful, nice, fun, un-spoiled woman out there), he tends to wise up.

    To work around this, if you just engage the guy on a conversational topic he feels confident in (and generally chat him up for a while, over a fair period of time) eventually he'll get over that shyness and work his way around to asking you out. (You'll become more approachable.)

  • yes, I may be at first. There is another side, we get inspired by them too. If I look back at my life, the period when I made the most progress was when I was after a girl who inspired me to do well. I really performed out of my skins...unfortunately it did not end well due to reasons beyond our control. Remember the face that launched a thousand ships ?

  • It does make it more difficult to get moving unless you're a confident person. I often think of what to say when it's far too late. But then I often hear that some people are lonely because everyone assumes they have many people around them. I wonder how much truth there is to that.

  • its incredible hard. one wrong move and there goes the guys ego. so most like to not risk it. I find that if both people only have a mild interest, it is easier to build something out of it. rather then one person not know anything about the other one, and the other one being in love.

  • For sure. Everything you said is spot on. We get scared by beautiful women and get nervous and act goofy. I was floored by my current girlfriend and was making a slobbering total dork of myself until she said she smoked - a MAJOR turn-off for me. I then acted casually and had a give-a-shit attitude about her and we became good friends. If she didn't smoke I think I would have subconsciously sabotaged the conversation and she would've ratted-out a desperate guy .-( Fortunately we grew close and she quit her nicotine addiction and the rest is history.

    It's way way easier for guys to approach and interact with girls who they *don't* like. It's weird that way, but super attractive girls kind of have it harder in many ways. My advice to super-pretty girls is: (of course) know guys will be nervous around you so try to break the tension with a disarming attitude or appropriate attire.

    • It's VERY difficult for me since every guy that likes me is exceptionally shy, and besides I guess I'm beautiful enough (I can't stop hearing it) to make every guy terrified of me!

      So...what would this disarming attitude be?

      P.S. I know about the appropriate clothes. :)

    • A disarming attitude:


      friendly and caring

      having lots of different friends (not just other pretty girls or boys)

      complimenting others on achievement - even trivial accomplishments

      never having that "I don't care (bored or too good for you) look"


      not "acting" pretty

      I spent 2 years at a University in Norway where all the women seemed like models to me but were super nice. They 'thought' they were average and that made it easy to be friends with them.

  • You're right there, guys think its difficult to approach a very nice looking girl. This is simply because this girl must have already heard all pick up lines and would not join in in an approach. This is what guys think.

    If you really want him why don't you make an approach :D

    hope I could help


  • Beautiful girls have this huge industry producing expectations, whereas the average girl is open to the guy's imagination.


    Don't try to look and act like a movie star. It puts you in a box, for display, on a shelf, out of reach.

    • Ok, but I'm not talking about beautiful girls who are conceited. I am talking about beautiful girls who perhaps are not even aware of their beauty (read; not conceited, respect other people and don't view beauty as a concrete thing, but they possess beauty in a standard (but not necessarily) gorgeous manner).

      What about those girls?

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  • Apparently being pretty makes it harder for a guy to approach you, period. They are intimidated by the thought of asking you out, for fear that you'll say no.

    At least I know, this is why my boyfriend took so long (several months) to ask me out.