Girls, Still not sure wether to wax or not :( ?

The thing is that unfortunately I have really hairy legs , arms... I mean whole of legs upto the groin is really hairy and hairy full frontal torso :'(
Sometimes I feel nah it's OK and manly to be very hairy but then a thought enters my mind that no way dude this turn off girls big time , see how bare other men are and how girls love them and all the male models and actors who are bare. I feel odd monkey out, lol.

Can you help me as to what to do? Wax it all off or let it be au natural? I do shave my neck and shoulder.

Oops, maybe I put it up in wrong category :/


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  • Wax itttttt, especially the torso, a hairy torso is kinda nasty :P

    • :D okay okay :)
      How about the legs , thighs and arms?

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    • It would be weird to wax the thighs but leave lower legs very hairy!! It's better to wax whole legs I guess

    • Not really?
      But it's your body so do whatever you want with it

  • If you want to wax your body go for it, I am sure it will be a memorable experience haha xx

    • AMD the outcome would be appreciated and appealing to the women? As a young woman what do you say? Bare waxed smooth is better than hairy?

    • personally i prefer trimmed, but you go for the full works lol