Do you agree girls should wear their sexiest clothes in their jobs instead of those unflattering uniforms?

Never understood dat fuckin’ job policy…why they should wear those shitty uniforms dat make ‘em look unappealing…it doesn’t happen in all jobs but in many of ‘em…for example those who work at a fast-food restaurant or a grocery store…they wear such ugly uniforms…but chicks who work at jewelry stores wear sexier clothes I’ve noticed…since they’re allowed to wear wotever they want…

It’s just pathetic…if yer lookin’ more appealin’ then yer gonna attract more clients…don’t they know?

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  • "girls should wear their sexiest clothes"

    isn't it just another shitty job policy if you say they should do it?
    either they should be able to wear whatever they want, or they should follow the guidelines from their employer... and you can be sure they choose whatever works best for them.


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  • Yawn... I'm sorry, but to any future trolls, it's a real fucking obvious tip off when you use "in'" "yer" and "dat". Obviously the person who wrote this has reasonable knowledge of written speech with the grammar and correct punctuation. Sincerely doubt anybody with that knowledge is going to use speech the likes of "dat" and "yer" unless they were trying to impersonate a character stereotype.

    Congratulations, this was the lamest and easiest troll post to spot yet.

    • Stop dirtyin' ma questions... and call troll yer dad not me... I've written so many MyTakes here...65 in total... and if we add those I had wid another name then I'll have more than 90... ya've got some nerve to call me like dat...

      Now leave nobody wants to see ya ugly face around here... and don't forget to report me fer being antagonistic... I don't care after all I just wanted to say wot I had to say... I won't stand still and let any moron insult me... so go on...

    • Lol if you say so my friend, if you say so.

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      Yer parents should be ashamed of ya... I've got nothing more to say... and blocked from here... I just wanted to have da last word...

  • work uniforms for both genders should be made so that they're able to do their jobs safely and efficiently.


    The Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
    Try harder.

  • Klaatu, is that you?

    • Hold on, how do ya know who Klaatu is?

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    • Then why I didn't remember ya as Klaatu?

      Anyway I know ya wid ma current name... but I don't have a good impression overall about ya I must admit...

    • Eh, I'm god, I don't care. 😛

  • Nope, uniforms have a purpose and it's not to look good.

  • I disagree for obvious reasons.

  • Klattu's on another stupid rant..🙄


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  • Well when you are going in to a restaurant or grocery store, you're generally going there intending to buy something. In a jewelry or clothes store you're usually browsing and it's their job to get you to buy something.

    • Intended ma ass dude... don't be so typical...

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