Can you give me some acne tips?

I'm 17 years old. My dad had acne at my age as well. I tried proactive, acne free and illumask. I just want to know if I'll have to wait and grow out of it or if you know any ways to help out. Thanks.Can you give me some acne tips?


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  • The best solution is accutane like everyone else, if you have insurance it'll cover the expenses. I've had acne my whole life and still do.

    But truthfully, the ONLY thing that WILL help is you eating proper foods. Stop eating sweets, junk food (there's a lot of oils in junk food) which will show up on your face. Stop eating anything processed. Also juicing vegetables cleared my skin in two days just from one drink, but you constantly have to drink the juice to avoid breakouts. I tell you, at this point - creams and various lotions DO NOT HELP. TRUST ME! I've tried Murad, Clinique dark spot corrector, clean and clear, clearasil, neutrogena acne products, the list is VERY long.

    Go to the dermatologist and see if they can get you on Accutane. You won't be sorry, I know I sound like a commercial but in retrospect I wish I went on it because my face wouldn't be so fucked up looking - good luck!

    • =(

      i've also had acne... n accutane... n cystic acne.. eating healthy food helps., but the most dramatic change can be had by stuffing water down your throat until nearly every urination session is clear.

      the other big helper is changing your pillow case daily. as most irritation happens from rubbing your face into the pillow all night.

    • @orphan yes that's also true, but everything has a limit though. So too much water can be harmful.

      Change your pillow every 7 days!

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  • accutane.

    game over.

    • if you want to do something today.

      PanOxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide bar soap. it's about $10 at walgreens.

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  • You absoluty should go to the dermatologist. In the meantime try to keep your skin hydratated, wash your face twice a day with and anti blemish gel and use a bit of a clarifying lotion. I use clinique and it helps to keep the breakouts under control. Do not use scrubs. Use Black Sea muds masks once a week. Or eventually use coconut water. Do not forget to use sun protection (50) daily to avoid the hyper pigmentation to remain. If the treatment given by the dermatologist is not working, try to understand if it is an hormonal imbalance due to testosterone. U can get checked up by an endocrinologist. However if it is bacterial it should go with the cream. After u get the breakouts under control you could do a microdermabrasion to ease the scarring and the hyper pigmentation.

    I m a girl with PCOS which causes acne due to high testosterone levels. It s two years I fight against and it improved. It worked for me, maybe it will work for you.

  • its expensive but maybe you can try accutane

    • there's companies u can write thjat'll cover it at full cost. it's how i got mine.

      requires a lot of paperwork to prove ur income is basically $0 though.

      it's how i got mine.

    • well not everyone gets free stuff in the world some have to pay full price

  • I have acne and it sounds silly but the best product i have used is johnsons baby wash. Its cleared my skin up a treat. Also maybe even go for a facial that sometimes helps ☺ but ask for more organic products as some treatments can be harsh on the skin ☺

  • First of all; i'm really sorry you have to go through having acne, i've been there so I know it can really knock your self esteem :(

    I've tried a bunch of things. Recently i've found that Freederm is really good; especially their Daily Complex: it absorbs really well, helps to smooth your skin out as well as moisturising, and it brings redness down.

    I don't know if you have Boots where you live; if so, their charcoal wash is good (the wash, not th scrub; scrubs will tend to irritate your skin, causing it to produce more oil, which you don't want).

    If your skin feels oily this may seem counter intuitive; but you need to moisturise. It could well be that the oiliness is your skin overcompensating fo being dry. Get an oil free moisturiser; I like the one Neutragena do.

    For blackheads there's this facemask you can get called Pilaten. I order it on ebay from China (so it always takes forever to come but it's worth it, and it's not expensive :) ). It's black so you're best advised to use it in private for fear of looking racist :s. But the colour is really satisfying when it comes to peeling it off, because you can see all the stuff it's pulled out of your skin. Gross, but we all secretly enjoy that :')

    While these products all help, you do have to remember that acne is ultimately caused by hormonal imbalances :/ . As you say, that should hopefully improve as you get older. But what you could also do is talk to a doctor about taking medications for it

    Good luck :)

    • hey... please don't apologize to people who have acne. i fucking hated that. making it a big deal is precisely what they don't want. you make it sound like a family member just died.

      u should know this... but from the looks of it your acne is light to mild at worst.

    • Okay, I take your point, but I mean as I said I have acne too so I was just being empathetic really :/ . OPs acne is hardly severe; but any acne seems like a big deal when you have it!

      You suggest accutane but don't mention the negatives, like how much it dries your skin out, nosebleeds, etc. I'm not saying I'd never try it but it's pretty extreme. Benzoyl peroxide I've used and tbh that can be a bit much, it's also very drying, definitely not something to be used every day (I know from experience)

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  • Forget the various tips on the internet suggesting smearing various home made remedies and branded ointments on your face, go see a dermatologist and get on the accutane!

  • Can't, never had acne bursts, possibly because I was made to wash my face evertime I entered the house when I was younger, you should do that too.