Tips for growing out a pixie when it's in the in between phase?

A few months back I had a super short pixie (long bangs but undercut on the sides and back). Its all almost one length now but it's in the awkward phase where it's not really a pixie but not really a bob. I really wanna grow it out (I'm getting married next May and want a short bob for the 1920s vibe I'm having) but I'm so conflicted about cutting it again. I was considering something like this but in the meantime, do any of you have any tips for growing it out? And what do you think of this cut? (Minus the design)

Tips for growing out a pixie when it's in the in between phase?


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  • There's not much in the way of "tips" for hair growth. You wait a long-ass time for the hair to grow, and in the meantime suffer through the awkward stage. Taking certain vitamins and avoiding any potentially damaging practices with your hair may help, but the difference will only be marginal.

    As for the style you posted, I'm not a fan of undercut shit in general, but it's your hair. Still, if you're aiming for a bob, you might as well just wait and get it chopped off evenly at chin length or whatever you're aiming for instead of shaving parts of it.

    • All good points. I do take biotin for hair, skin and nails and I think I take fairly good care of it to keep it in a good condition. It's just such a pain waiting for it to grow out and I get inpatient and just wanna cut it again. I think I will just wait it out though

    • It's well worth the wait. That's how you can tell if a person actually cares about their hair or not: if they can endure the shitty parts of growing and having longer hair, and still enjoy it.

      That, or they're too lazy to get a trim, haha.

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