Guys- What is your idea of the perfect girl?

What is your idea of the perfect girl..

personality wise and looks

(but be realistic on the looks please) =))


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  • Any height

    Any race

    Any hair color

    Any eye color

    Any breast size

    Any social status

    Gotta have a fit body. I mean I'd assume that she'd be curvy and have a good stomach and hips and butt, but it's more that she has to be into fitness and that she shows it. I'm in the gym 5 days a week making sure I'm in good shape. I'm not really hugely muscular but I'm very lean, 6'1" and 165 lbs with very little body fat. I like the way I look and I work hard for it, I eat right, cook for myself, and stay away from soda and alcohol and smoke. I think that if my girl didn't value her health as much as I value my own, we'd hit some hiccups. It's hard to live two different lifestyles. And I can compromise on the specifics, like maybe she drinks or wakes up later / earlier than I do and skips breakfast or whatever, but I can't compromise on the values. So since I look after myself, I assume that she'll look after herself and be beautiful. :)

    She can't take stuff personally. I am an extremely competitive and driven guy, not just in the world of sports, but in a lot of creative ways relating to my life. When my mom had to stop cooking because she got a full time job, I set out to become the best cook I could be. When my friend told me not to take macroeconomics if it isn't required because it kills most people's GPA, I signed up for it because I wanted to prove I could pass it. If there's a way to improve myself, I jump on the chance to try it and that requires that I take absolutely no criticism personally, or else I could pass up advice that could make a difference. I'd like my girl to be as driven and competitive as I am at whatever she does. Really, this may sound like a lot but it's just about being emotionally mature. Most people who take stuff well are very emotionally mature and composed and I think that's something that really lends a hand in communicating in a relationship.

    She's gotta have a strong style! She can dress however she wants to, gothic, nerdy, theater, cheerleader, designer labels, whatever. And she can like whatever music or movies she wants to. I've been a DJ for the past 5 years so I'm big into music and movies. I'd expect someone to be able to intelligently explain the choices that they make and be sure of themselves. I don't want to be with any girl, I want to be with someone special who thinks for themselves. Someone with good style is normally proud of the way they look and think and who they are and I want to be with someone who sees themselves the way I do.

    Really it's not about she's gotta meet this or that, but I do require a person who carries themselves like I carry myself and has compatible values. Just kind of a cheesy answer once you boil it all down, but it's the truth... what can I say.


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  • Perfect girl : 5'3" to 5'8", great curvy legs (like that of a soccer player), brunette, breasts between a large B and a small D, glasses, girl next door type, wears little to no make-up, affectionate, articulate, intelligent, likes to wear skirts/dresses, beautiful mischiveous smile, a great sense of humour, bit of a geek, likes a bit of PDA but not to the point of making out everywhere, likes live music, wants to share her hobbies and learn mine, have a creative streak, an individual, a trend setter of sorts.

    That's a good start.

  • Looks: Brunette, long naturally healthy hair, caucasian, Good average skin tone, medium curved-in nose, green or blue eyes, C-cup, curvy not huge and not stick thin, in-shape and good figure, healthy, Nice firm ass and thighs

    Personality: Charismatic, Smart, Funny, genuine interests, likes to be together alot, likes to play around makeout and show that were together a lot in public, spontaneous and interesting, good sex drive, likes to be submissive but also dominant in bed

    • Wow umm you just described me no lie haha but I have medium length brunette hair and blue eyes lol

    • Thats very coincidental lol

  • Here's a link. Too hard to explain.



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