Build your perfect woman?

From hair and eye color to body type to education level. If you could place an order and have the girl of your dreams what would she look like/act like/ be like?

Or if you have a link to who your perfect girl is, that works too :P

Well then- build your perfect man girl :P


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  • Matel has already done it... Barbie...

    • Except for the fact that is she was REAL she would be 8 feet tall.. but I guess if that's your flavor then you have answered the question LOL.

    • Divorce barbie comes with all of kens stuff....

      yeah gimi an 8ft barbie... lol

    • Ahaha! You always wanted the dreamboat didn't ya!

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  • If I've learned one thing about my own taste in women it's that it tends to gradually warp towards whatever the girl I like looks like. I like a girl and then over time I become convinced that her hair color and length and whatever are just my favorite.

    • That's really interesting, I never heard that before.

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    • .."power"...LOL.

    • I feel the same way about my taste in men. I get odd glances when I try to explain the phenomena.

  • 5'8"

    Brown Hair

    Blue eyes


    Trimmed Pubes

    Doesn't talk.


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  • Great question! Someone should ask gals to do this about guys too!

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