Am I really that good looking or something?

I'm not being cocky my confidence has been SHOT due to some racy people a while ago

that's aside the point

I'm constantly constantly seeing girls looking at me,

in class through the corner of my eyes seeing them looking at me,

when I'm walking in the halls I see girls looking at me dead on,

when I'm eating in the cafeteria and talking to my friends

i see girls looking at me across other desks,

i see a girl in my class talking to another girl while looking at me,

some look at me with a smile, some with a blank face, some with a curious face, some with a blank face some with a sad face, but all looking at me dead on though

so gotta ask, am I basically really cute or something?

my confidence has been shot due to some racy girls that messed me up years ago,

this would be a very nice boost in confidence if true :)


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  • Well... not having any visual information to go off of, none of us can really tell you whether you're cute.

    Also bear in mind that there could easily be no reason for all these girls looking at you. People look at other people all the time just to look at them (it's what we do, man), and you might just be sensing all this attention when it's really nothing out of the ordinary.


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