What does a guy look for in a girl?

many people tell me that I'm cute/adorable

people tell me I'm always happy, funny, open, honest...i pretty much act like a guy. but then they tell me that they like me because of it...that they can be themselves around me and not be afraid id be grossed out.

like I would help you blow your nose,fart and burp in front of you, etc...the type of things you would do to a really close friend or something

and I'm somewhat independent, I like to pay for myself and tell people to save money and I don't like help from other people

would people actually like a girl like that?

when I try to change, they tell me to go back to the old me because they like it more...

yes I've dated and everything before

i just don't get why they like me that way


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  • You seem like your acting more like a friend than a relationship partner, just my opinion, It's cliche but act more ladylike. It might spark more interest.

  • Well they might like it more, did you notice if you were turning more heads or anything like that?

    • Like I get that most guys won't like that and I'm not asking them to...but I just don't get why some would... they might as well date guys know what I mean?

      what do you mean turning more heads? like them looking/walking away?

    • I might be the thing they like, and I say that meaning if more guys are looking at you because your acting like that, like "wow she looks great in that dress" kinda thing.

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