Girls (and fashion conscious guys!), outfit suggestions with pictures please?

I've recently lost 40 lbs! i know that's a lot and i'm doing online school at the moment but next year i'm going to be returning to my previous high school as a senior. I've always had a horrible fashion sense (hoodies galore) but now i want to try nice clothing.

my parents promised me new clothes as a 'congratulations on your weight loss' gift. i'm also going to get a job. I'd like to wear longer sleeves and no short skirts or shorts so can you pls give me suggestions with pictures?

my body type is 5'5" and 110 lbs (166 cm and 50 kg) so i think i have the body for nice clothing but not the taste... :(

GUYS, please answer also. how do you like girls to dress?

thanks in advance :D


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  • Depends on your temperature but like @Chintita said jeans and shirts are always a good combo
    A pair of chukka or mid-calf boots like that is almost essential to anyone's wardrobe.

    • i live in minnesota so its pretty cold in the winter and humid in the summer, thanks :D

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  • congrats on the weight loss :D must have been difficult
    you can never go wrong with the jeans and top look, make sure you buy nicely fitted jeans that make your butt look good and pair it with different shirts that you like as well as different accessories


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  • Just be casual simple decent and most importantly wear something you're comfortable in 💁

  • Sorry can't post pictures. But I prefer minimalists.


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