How do I dress like a weather girl for a school project?

I have to dress as a weather girl reporter, you know the ones that are in the middle of a hurricane or blizzard trying to tell you the weather? lol...


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    • Plus if you're outside in the snow or rain. Leather is very warm.

    • I've never seen any weather girl wear leather pants when they are reporting in a blizzard or hurricane. That would look ridiculous...

  • A semi-formal dress + blazer + heels and you should be fine.

    • Ohhh not the indoor weather girl, like the weather girl reporter who is outside in the rain/snow with a microphone talking to the newsroom?

    • Then a blazer with a shirt + those formal black pants or regular skinny jeans + formal-ish boots/shoes.

  • Wear anything with a blazer jacket in a color that is not green.

    • Lol. Yea what this girl said. Blazer jacket and medium skirt.

    • haha, sorry I should have been more clear, it's not the girl in front of the greenscreen, it's the weather girl reporter, who is out in the hurricane/blizzard talking into a microphone reporting back to the news room...

    • Then wear something that's appropriate for the day's weather. :) if you're going to be displayed on tv, wear something smart casual and if you're not you'll get away with just wearing jeans,