Is it fair to hate a person because there good looking?

ok I have seen a good few girls do this say they don't like a girl or call her a slut or go oh she is in love with herself when they don't know the girl to talk to at all they just label her these things because she is pretty do you think this is fair to do I don't speak for all girls but the majority I know have done this before


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  • that's so juvenile. it is unfair. most girls do this because they feed off of degrading someone else who seems better off than they are. girls who do this are the jealous and insecure types who sit all day and jabber amongst themselves about how much they wished they looked a certain way and complain how it's not fair that someone else is prettier or has this or that. I hear it all the time when I make trips to the ladies room at school. as rude as this sounds, but I feel the need to say it. for crying out loud, quit your moaning and whining about how unsatisfied with yourself. if it really bugs you that much then DO something to fix it. nobody cares about how much prettier the girl in your chem class is than you and how you hate and envy her because all the boys are more attentive to her. girls can be such attention seekers. it's a bit disturbing how 'catty' girls can get. it could be a snicker, a sarcastic comment or a really sharp look. ladies, keep the claws out already. if you really want to tear each other's eyes out then go ahead instead of talking how you're going to. lol such behaviour is so disgusting and vile it makes me want to vomit. whatever happened to treating each other with respect and dignity? is that really how you see yourself?

    • I totally agree there reason is definitely jealousy but was is the reason when they do simular stuff to the less attractive girls?

    • It feeds their ego. who knows, maybe at one point in their life, they were also less attractive and got picked on by attractive girls. maybe she isn't as intelligent and envies the fact that a less attractive girl can be more interesting and hold a conversation without having to throw herself at a guy. it could be a lot of different things.

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  • for the one who people names both guys and girls.

    That is LOW!


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  • its not fair and its not ok. it sux. I know from experience. in high school I was SUPPOSEDLY ths biggest slut in the school, and was a boyfriend stealer but I was a virgin till WAY after high school I was 19 when I lost it. luckily for me I had a lot of guy friends that knew better than that and the rumors only stayed with the girls but its very hurtful

    • Yeah I mean like people can't help the way they look people assume I'm snobby and stuck up because I apparently look that way but I couldn't be more the opposite

    • Yeah some people are just very judgmental, after living 4 years of high school with it I just learned to ignore... actually I kinda embraced it and if a girl that talked shit was with one of my friends I would FLIRT my ass off with him just to mess wit her... made me feel better. lol

    • Lol girls can be horrible like if your not willing to get to know the person don't make comments on them based upon there looks

  • Of course that's not fair. I hate girls like that, they f***ed up high school for me. I graduated a virgin and was really shy, but with all the crap little girls were saying, you would think I was a road whore lol.

    Girls who do that are insecure, jealous, and pathetic. I actually feel sorry for chicks like that, because how bad do they have to feel about themselves to bring down another girl just because she's cute?

    • I feel you on that one... SAME thing with me

    • Yeah it is defiantly jealous when it comes to girls who are attractive but what about the girls who aren't attractive a lot of girls assume things about them too what would the reason for this be ?

    • I don't think people are really jealous of unattractive girls. they might make fun of her, but no one is really starting rumors about least they didn't when I was in HS

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