I'm an ugly, short man and I hardly believe that everyone can be attractive.

I don't think everyone can be attractive unless if they had plastic surgery. I'm ugly, unattractive, and the last person that anyone thinks about. I don't even think that girls even crush on me because I'm ugly. I hardly see any girls approach me. I feel like I need some kind of cosmetic surgery to make me look good or have my legs lengthened just so I can look taller. I'm short and ugly. People keep telling me, you need to have confidence, you have big problems, you need this, you have to have that, yadda yadda yadda. Yet I saw nothing wrong with me. I liked myself and saw a lot of great qualities in me. And I didn't feel that it would be right or natural to try to be something I'm not just to please others. I've always felt that I'm not dating material because of this. I've lost what's left of my confidence that I don't even think I could even make anyone happy or make myself happy anymore. I've asked for advice, they keep saying that it's my fault or something. How could it be my fault when I've done nothing at all to deserve it? I think the reason is that I'm born ugly. I mean, I've always been happy around people, confident in what I do. But when it comes to girls, I've been led on many, many times that I've lost faith. They always make up excuses. 'Oh, you're this. Oh, you're that. Oh, it's just me, not you. Oh, I'm sorry, but yadda yadda yadda.'


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  • You know what really makes a person ugly? Their attitude and outlook on life. I've seen what would be called "gorgeous" girls, look hideous simply because their personality.

    And I'm not saying this just to be nice, there is such thing as inner beauty. Another ugly thing; Nothing says insecure than someone who gets surgery to look different. You need to be happy with the body you were made in. Sure it's not the "Oh so magical and rainbow sh*tting" bodies of our overly glamorized celebrities, but it's what you have, work with it. You DO. NOT. NEED. PHYSICAL BEAUTY TO BE HAPPY.

    Instead of looking in the mirror and saying "Ooooh I'm short, Ooooh I gained too much weight." Look in the mirror and say , "Wow! I've got nice eyes, I've got a great smile, I really like blah blah blah" and it can be ANYTHING. ANNNYYYTHIING! And tell those stupid motherf***ers you're getting advice from to stfu. Live to make yourself happy, no matter what it is. :D ...well with a few exceptions like crime..and...yeah. x_x

    Annnnd before I end this ungodly long...thing, start fitness exercising; exercising is a great way to feel great. :D Hope this long ass rant of mine helps. :)

    • Yeah but even if anonymous does these things and feels great, everyone else might still think he's ugly even if he becomes really confident. Honestly people say others opinions don't matter but they do. You can say your really cool and awesome, but if everyone else thinks your an ugly loser, hate to break it to you, but you are an ugly loser to everyone but yourself.

  • No matter what you look like it can't be as much of a turn off as the attitude you have toward yourself. So I'm not really sure what you want to hear or even what you're asking but that's what I got from you.


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