Girls, which haircut should I get?

I was thinking one of these 2 lengths

Length 1 Glenn Rhee - Girls, which haircut should I get?
Or Length 2 Mud Matthew -

  • Length 1 Glenn Rhee
  • Lenght 2 Mud
  • Try Lenght 2 first because it's longer and if you want your hair shorter then do the other one (Glenn Rhee) next haircut.
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Probably going to get a haircut tomorrow or something
I was using those 2 lengths as examples, I'd probably style them slightly differently...


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  • I guess the last option is the best one... because then you can try both, but I don't know your face shape - nor hair type so I don't know what would look better on you.

    • I have an oval round face shape... They both should be able to work for me.

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    • My face shape is kind of in between but more oval... It's just that my cheeks gain weight - if I gain or lose 5 pounds you'll see it in my face more so than anywhere else.

    • Thank you for the mho! =)

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  • None

    • What would you suggest than?

      I feel like one of those are a good compromise instead of going from long hair to short hair.

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