I can't read the signs..help HELP!

The more and more I think about it the more I realize that I'm awful at reading 'signs'. I was one of those classic best friend with a girl fall for her type deals in high school, and I think I've been confused ever since. Unless it's obvious I'm awful at this. What I've come to do is when I see a girl that REALLY sparks my interest I'll take anything as a sign (almost anything), and this works out sometimes, but not as much as I would hope. SO what are some of the little things you guys do? OR would like to see back?


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  • You have to initiate the first conversation. Once you get to this point the signs are simple. If you are asking open ended questions and she is not being short with you she enjoys talking to you. Next you have to go but you would like to talk to her some other tine over coffee perhaps? She says sure. Good job she's intrested get her number and set up a date. Go on date. Most wait a day or two to call back I would agree with this method. If she says yes to date two you have an extremly good shot.

    I know you were probably asking how do I know if a girl is intrested before I confront her but here's the thing. Every girl is different and you truly won't know anything about her until you say hello. So go have some fun, meet new people, and always be confiden in yourself.

    Good luck!


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  • We are in the same boat my friend -.-

    But I am trying my best to drop hints for my crush, who is my friend. When he talks, I look him straight in the eyes, I always position my body towards him, I get closer to him, and find excuses to touch him.

    Sometimes I think he likes me, sometimes I think I'm fooling myself into thinking he likes me...

    Let's both hope each of our situations will work out well ^-^b


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