Question about clothing? And a second question after that?

I live in a blood neighborhood (bloods are a gang associated withe color red they kill sell drugs and plague the community) but my fav color is blue. Should I just wear my blue jean and my blue jean jacket. I have a navy blue rick and morty shirt. I have a lot of blue clothes Lol.

Um what should I do. Blue isn't the only color coltohes I have I also have black.


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  • I am sorry, but I don't know anything about gangs. I think it's safe to assume that you know more than most people here.


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  • Dude, stop trolling please. If you actually lived in this kind of neighborhood, you would know the EXACT boundaries of EXACTLY where you could get away with wearing EXACTLY what kind of colors on EXACTLY what parts of yr body, and EXACTLY what would thereby be signified.


    You are doing a disservice to anyone reading this who might actually want to understand this sort of situation.

    I grew up in the Rollin 20's Crip territory of Long Beach in the '80's and '90's. Back then, I could draw you fucking *maps* of exactly which sets controlled which blocks ("bloccs"), and which areas were hot/contested, and which areas were under siege from the Cambodians when they started immigrating into the neighborhood en masse, and... yeah.
    If you lived in that kind of neighborhood, you'd be able to draw maps, too. Because yr safety would depend on it.

    Also-- Not all Crip sets wear blue. The Rollin 20's Crips actually wore black and gold. Don't know if they still do. There were also Crip sets who wore purple (Grape Street), and other colors, too.

    My point being, if you ACTUALLY lived in an ACTUAL gang neighborhood, there might be a whole shitload of other colors that'd be off-limits to you, too. Not just red and blue, friend.

    You can go back to watching Straight Outta Compton now.

    • Lol I live in that area I was using these answer to answer a sperate question about female attire and rape culture.

      Im a couple blocks down from USC im right in the mix

    • Rape culture?

      Oh fuck I'm so over this...

      You weren't gna chase this whole idea that wearing "revealing" clothing attracts potential rapists, were you? (Using clothing of "opposite gang colors" as some sort of weak-sauce analogy?) Because that's NOT TRUE.

      It's not true at all.

      Rapists are actually MORE likely to target victims who wear MODEST clothing.

      You do know that, right?

  • wear red and see what happens?

  • Well honestly i know almost nothing about gangs and stuff like that but I guess you can do it


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  • You'd probably know the answer to this better than those of us who don't live in a bloods neighborhood.

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