Casual Dress Suggestions?

I have an event coming up where I need to wear a dress. I hate dresses, don't wear dresses, and the only reason I'm wearing one is because my mom is going to be pissed if I don't and she's not fun to upset.

Anyway, I need a dress for this event. Keeping in mind the following, can anyone suggest dresses?

I like:
space and black and I tend to dress pop-punk, and would prefer a dress with either a space theme Orr a nuaced pop-punk design.

I do not like:
long dresses and the scratchy stuff under slme dresses

thanks in advance!


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  • Look for something a younger avril lavagne would where

    • I don't really like Avril Lavegne. She's kindastupid, writes horrible music, and married/divorced the lead singer from Sum 41. I'm gonna try Hayley Williams (Gilbert? I dunno if she changed her last name)

    • Your into punk I only mentioned her because even though she started off a rock girl years ago when I seen her wearing dresses she does pull that look off - if your into Hayley then have a go at her style 😎

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  • Your thoughts on this? https://d310a9hpolx59w. cloudfront. net/product_photos/33137799/TB1VCVZIXXXXXb4XVXXXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic_400w. jpg

  • Shave your head and draw a target on top so pigeons knows where to take a big poop!


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