What's better - all natural or slutty style?

would you say that all natural and shorts and a baggy t shirt is sexier then make up skanky shorts and a tub top?


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  • Let me ask you a counter question.

    What kind of guy would you land if you dolled yourself up and showed every curve on your body, and showed off the eye-magnets that girls have on their chests?


    what kind of guy would you land if you looked and dressed for the weather and had the ability to make a guy look you in the eyes when he listens to the things that you say? and actually was interested in the person, and not the body?

    what is sexier? how do you measure that? Skanky shorts and a tube top is sexier if you happen to be grinding on a bently in a 50cent video. but in case that you are not a real life "video honey", I'd say it's sexier for a girl to wear her personality on the outside,showing off skin doesn't prove absolute confidence, absolute confidence is dressing the way you feel comfortable (in front of a guy, and at the same time in front of the guy's parents) and not be afraid of what will turn a guy off just because it happens to be your opinion.

    "Tis' Sexier to be thine own self, than to skankify thine self" -Bill Shakespeare

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't agree with you more.

      drus-gurl, if you feel like you need to change yourself to be with a guy, then chances are that he is NOT the one for you. if he was the right guy for you, then he'd look beyond your appearance and love you for who you are inside and accept what you are in the outside. I'm not saying that you shouldn't put any effort either. but as evilsheempire said, just be yourself. :)

    • I wouldn't wear skanky personally because am engaged but other than that. I don't want to look like a prostitute. I would want to be myself and meet guy who would want me for me not for my body.

    • Haha, I love that quote

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  • It depends on the girl. Some girls look terrible unless they are all made up. "Jenna Jameson" Some girls are just the bomb rolling out of bed, "Penelope Cruz". Personally if your hot your hot and I like it. If only men didn't get snowed by the sex and the show, we'd all be better off. There are a lot of great girls out there that don't have to blind us with sex to have our attention.

  • Change it up. Keep me guessing. But it depends too on whether you can make a tube top work - or whatever the outfit happens to be.


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  • In my opinion go GORGEOUS not completely natural and definitely not slutty

    You want to stand out in a "wow she's gorgeous" way not a "im checking you out because your tits are hanging out" way

    Here's what I do.

    FACE: I wear make-up that is natural looking yet a little more dramatic in either the eyes or the lips. If I do a lip color I keep the eye make-up very natural looking. If I do a smoky eye I do a subtle lip color or just use chapstick. I stick with only powder or bronzer for the overall face, liquid foundation is usually too much

    CLOTHES: It depends where I'm going. I usually stick with casual yet different looking. If I'm going to a party I pick a top that draws attention. Not in terms of tits hanging out or super super tight, I mean a pick a shirt that compliments my body in a bold color. Pants should be fitted in the butt area but not super tight. forget tight shorts and a tube top, wear something that actually compliments our body!

    HAIR: Depends where I go. If I'm going to the club where I am probably going to get really sweaty I do my hair in a way that it won't look totally GROSS if I sweat. Like put it in a pony with a poof or wear it down with natural waves. If I'm going to a party I usually wear my hair down.

    SHOES: go for comfort. heels are usually too much for me.

  • If you wear skanky clothes - you are bound to land wrong guys. A girl can wear mini skirts and string tops and will no doubtly attract guys that want to get laid. On the other hand, a girl who dresses natural yet still looks good is more likely to attract guys that will respect her for who she is and not for the "triple xxx" asset.

    Of course the "slutty style" seems sexier to guys because it becomes a tease and all of a sudden you are like an "eye candy". But it all comes down to: How do you want guys to judge you - an easy target for a bed date? or a person with stronger personality yet with a classy appeal?

    It all depends on the girl at the end because guys will be guys.

  • there is an in-between you know.