Guys never ask me out.

i am a girl, and have been told I'm attractive, but guys never ask me out. I wear boy clothes, and always have. recently, I've been more girly, but I rarely wear make-up, and I don't dress up often. could this be a turn off?


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  • If you have a rep as a tom boy it might take a while for people to get use to you as a girly tom boy, but if you are looking for a boyfriend then it might require some effort or just find a guy who likes the look and feel of who you are as a person.


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  • What turns guys on are everything girly that girls do.

    - make-up


    -cute colors and dresses

    - sensitivity

    - butt

    - hair

    We don't want a dude like us. So yes if you want to attract a higher percentage of men, be cute and wear make-up more often. It doesn't need to be excessive but enough cuteness everyday.

  • i personally like tom boyish gurls more than girly type chicks to some it might be a turn off because growing up there use to seeing a girl as like a real giurly girly girly type dresses make up high heels and ect but if yhu can't except sumone for the way they are or like sumone the way they are thern say f*** em if I met you I probally would like u


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  • I was in your position at one point in time. I grew up with 2 brothers and I was very much into athletics, and all my friends are guys, so I was a tomboy for a long time. I started wearing light makeup, tighter jeans and tighter t-shirts (I prefer to wear wifebeaters or tanktops) to show off my body a little more. I let my hair down, styled it, and I started getting a lot of attention from the guys. You don't have to do anything drastic, they just like to see a woman's curves, and from all my exes, just a little bit of makeup. My boyfriend says I'm gorgeous in the morning because when I wake up next to him, I don't look much different from the night before. He told me he's had girls wake up next to him and their face was on his pillow. DO NOT do that. =] Just work yourself into it slowly, and you'll get used to it. Promise!

    • Well, I've switched over to v neck t-shirts and wearing light make-up. and I got a hair cut that has more style to it than I had before. I have even gone os far as to wear mini-skirts now and then. still nothing.

    • Flirt!!!!! =]