Are girls smart to use their body for business?

So my friend made this comment that has really hit me and ever since, any related topic has been thrown at my face and it seems like he's right. He said that girls have a lot of power, in terms of appearance. Like we can get away with anything because we're just attractive. There are some girls who literally use their body parts for their job but then there are girls who do it in a slick way especially with Instagram. They know what they're doing by taking such visually amazing photos of themselves but they're also owning the fact that they're hot and applying it towards their business. I don't know but if I were a guy I would find that a turn on. The usual perception of girls showing their bodies are that they're not to be taken seriously and have nothing else to offer. Oh but the contrary my friend, as a girl, I know I'm attractive and I'll embrace it by taking photos of myself and not feel guilty why? Because I know I have more to offer than just my looks so I can take photos when I feel I look good and I see the same in those girls who use their looks in a slick way. I don't think they should be looked down on. Like my friend said, it's one of our powers. You can laugh at that but it takes really open minded and laid back people to accept it and agree with it as opposed to jump to conclusions just cause society has brainwashed you to believe it's a bad thing.


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  • I understand what you are saying... There is nothing wrong with being confident in your body. Nobody will stop you from taking pictures of yourself. Be proud of who you are. I appreciate people who take care of their bodies. It is a great thing that you believe that you are beautiful. Please remember - you asked a question, and I will respond thoughtfully. I am not looking for an argument. In your question, you mentioned that open-mindedness is important. Please read my answer with an open mind, without rationalization or defensiveness. I am just trying to help. Your account says that you are 25-29 years old... But based on your writing style, I can clearly tell that you are much younger than that. There is a possibility that English was your second language, and there is also a possibility that you are immature. I am not proposing that you must be younger or immature. I am simply stating possibilities. I do not know you, so I can not conclude on anything. Again, I am not doing this to offend you. Is it smart for girls to "use their body" for business? The answer is simple. Absolutely not. There is a distinct difference between using attractiveness to gain respect and authority vs posting pictures of your body online for "business". Out of these two, the first is smart. The second is not. You mentioned in your post... "They know what they're doing by taking such visually amazing photos of themselves but the're also owning the fact that they're hot and applying it towards their business". The problem with this is that it objectifies women. By making looks paramount to women's empowerment, this attitude reduces them to objects. By telling women to gain power through physical attractiveness, rather than their personalities or talents, it teaches them to focus on their looks. You might respond, "But that is not my fault! That is the society's fault of judging me based on looks alone rather than who I really am". You are mistaken. Society IS actually judging your personality. And what do these pictures tell you about your personality? It shows that you depend on your body to prove your worth. It tells people that you prioritize physical appearance more than developing your intelligence, talent, and personality.
    Again, you must understand that there is a distinct difference between using appearance for real life business vs posting pictures online to gain popularity, money, or whatever you are seeking.
    I found a good article for you -

    • Couldn't have said it better. I agree, the Asker might not understand the difference between using attractiveness for REAL business vs posting pictures online for attention, popularity, and an ego boost.

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    • nicely done, thanks

    • Good response, and you're only 16! lol

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  • I guess I am not smart.


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  • Well it's a stupid main idea for increasing the self esteem,
    since every girl want's to be famous beautifup and imporant for more than one man, this is how they estimate their self esteem,
    but comparing to the other girls lets say her friends,
    they could say I slept with 20 boys and you only with 2? in that case girl think
    she is priceless and start dating more guys in order to conquer one of their girlfriends... It's stupid idea to sell your body and having sex with someone you just don't know enough, becayse it's intimacy between 2 people in relationship with love, not random give something to someone without the real feelings.

    • Well you're thinking of something I pointed out wasn't what I talking about. When I say use their body, Im not saying having sex or literally using their body parts. Im talking about when they take photos and use their attractiveness for business in a very slick way. These girls probably know they can offer more than their looks and thats why THEY CAN use their body cause its not all they have. To me thats the whole package.

    • What do yo mean by business, because we already know how the things work out in the bussiness with photos and stuff like that.

  • Only the weak minded are so easily manipulated.
    I think I've reached a point where I look past a woman's appearance and appeal and instead focus on her character and intentions.
    Come to think of it I've objectified a woman, I suppose it's just how I was raised.

    • Well I think its even more weak for someone to judge others by the outside and not decide to look through their looks. I know you said you look past a woman's looks but I think what you mean is you dont care how she looks, you only care about her personality. What I mean is when a woman is beautiful and its out there, it takes a really smart and special individual to look beyond her looks and notice her personality and other traits. Thats simply amazing to me when especially guys don't just stop at her looks, not notice her as a person is beautiful too. I would love someone to feel that way about me.

    • *and notice

    • I think there are people you think are pretty and there are people you find attractive.
      And you can notice someone's prettiness or beauty but not necessarily be attracted to them.
      If that makes sense.

      Sex sells, which teaches us it's acceptable to judge people on their sexual appeal. Which I think is wrong.

  • is it smart? it can be doesn't mean they are getting any of my respect or business though. the only reason their business booms is because there is so many simps and unintelligent men that have money that want them because they saw a lot of others wanted her.

  • Lets put it this way... Wars have been fought over a single beautiful woman.

  • its their body they can do whatever they want to

  • It can get you to certain levels but there is a point where it won't get you any farther and any of your peers will know how you got there and they will judge the hell out of you and never let you be one of the "in" people.

    And yes it's laughable because natural beauty is just that something you didn't have to work for thus it's nothing to be proud of. Working your ass off for something is what makes getting places admirable. Just having it handed to you is not admirable thus it's not respectable. But keep telling yourself otherwise.

    • Well by judging, it shows more of who they are as opposed to the person they're judging. It just shows their closed mindedness. Why do girls who know they're attractive and use it are looked down on? I just don't see how that makes sense. They have more to offer and they know it thats why they can use their looks. Its the other person who misses out by judging them on their looks.

    • "Its the other person who misses out by judging them on their looks."

      That's the thing they aren't judging you by your looks they're judging you for relying on your looks. They probably hate whoever gave you whatever position you got for your looks and eventually after enough time passes that person will be gone and you will be stuck with a bunch of people who will have influence and ostracize you. You can say it's their loss but in the end it'll be you who loses.

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