Girls, Do You Like it When Guys Wear Cologne?

So tell me girls, what is the deal with guys and cologne? Do you actually find it attractive or not? If so, please be specific. Do you prefer lighter scents or stronger scents, a lot of cologne or a subtle amount?

I like to wear colognes because they act as a placebo which boosts my confidence. But I also prefer lighter scents and only wear them after showering and being fresh. My favorites are Givenchu Pi, Acqua Di Gio Profumo, and Chanel Allure Sport when I want something stronger.

I know girls hate it when guys douse themselves in Axe and other cheap products as an excuse for poor grooming, but what about when a well groomed guy wears a decent quality cologne?


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  • Yes, I definitely find cologne attractive as long as it it used within moderation. Most girls tend to have more sensitivity to smell so putting more than 2 or 3 sprays of cologne can actually make us nauseous.

    As for lighter or stronger scents I'm not exactly sure. I would have to say I really only care about the quality of the scent in itself since I'm not too sure. Strong scents are good if they are used lightly in my opinion too.

    I'm really into masculine smelling cologne with a hint of freshness.

    If you're looking for an affordable and nice smelling cologne I would suggest the Apollo daily fragrance by Axe at Walmart. I've never really liked Axe, but some of their colognes actually do smell nice. You just have to look for the right one.

    If you're a well groomed guy who wears decent, good smelling cologne then you can't really go wrong.


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  • I do. It's very attractive because to me it means a man has put in some effort into smelling nice. I generally prefer lighter scents, a subtle amount. Musky smells are quite nice too but nothing too strong.

    And you're right, Axe smells terrible and we all know it's cheap. A man wearing cologne means he's put in some effort into picking a scent he likes (no matter how he got it, it could have been gifted but what do we know) and is confident enough to wear it, that by itself is very attractive.