How young should you start botox?

I've heard a lot lately that it is better to start botox when you first start to see fine lines because then it helps prevent deeper lines (which require a lot more botox to fix) from forming. That is to say, botox as a preventative measure. What are your thoughts on this? Or is there an appropriate age to begin using botox? Have you ever tried it? Would you?


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  • I am 24 and have thought about getting botox not just to reduce wrinkles but now botox can be used for stopping sweat and can help with migrains. I might try it within the next year.
    I say as long as you're an adult you can get botox if you want. I've heard of some mothers who gave botox to their young daughters!


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  • Umm How about never. You do realize you are injecting toxins in to your body.. GROSS.


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  • I wouldn't ! Just accept your getting older!

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