How can you tell if a guy likes you??

i just need 2 know this b4 Thursday just in case I might ask him out.

i also need sign like that he likes u


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  • Life isn't that fair.

    You're wanting to 'be sure', without having to put out any effort.

    Bottom line: ask him out.

    You can use the time-worn tactics to assess his feeling for you:

    Eye contact --- this is the big one.

    Easy conversation between you and him.


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  • it depends on how he is around females he may be scared and have his gaurd up or he may be an outgoing guy who can approuch you in a way where you can both make a decision make the first move but be carful if he is comfortable with it if he is not let him make the first move or wait on him and crap lol

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  • it all depends on approach. how he looks at you ? and talks to you about thing. but then there are players who are really good in to tricking so be careful take care.

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    • When did you become such a chump, ice?

    • Lol, I always been one ,but havnt been able to show it, Becuz I lost a good friend, so instead of giving her all my knowledge know its publicly shared, and help em. lol.

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