Girls, How and when should you moisturize your body?

1. should you moisturize every day or less often?
2. morning or night?
3. the whole body or only the hands and feet?
4. should you get dressed immediately or wait till it's dry?
5. cheap or expensive body cream?
6, should you moisturize if you have pimples and oily body type?


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  • 1. Everyday, after showers
    2. Night
    3. Whole body + hands and feet
    4. Get dressed
    5. Moderately cheap
    6. I would say no. If you have naturally oily skin, you should stay away from any creams or lotions

    • but if I get dressed, won't the cream ruin my clothes? and if the clothes absorb it, how will it work?

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    • Thanks for MHO.

    • you're welcome!

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  • I only moisturize my face, hands and feet daily. For my body I only do it every now and then when I feel i need it. I only moisturize my feet at night and then put socks on over it. Give it time to sink in first. It doesn't need to be expensive. I use coconut oil or normal body moisturizer that I buy from a local store. If you have pimples you need to make sure your moisturizer won't clog your pores.

  • Every time I shower I moisturize from head to toe. Then I moisturize my face and neck every single day.

  • Moisturize your whole body after showering. During the shower, scrub off any dead skin. If you have especially dry hands or feet, buy hand cream. For the feet, regular moosturizer before bed, then socks over them. Oily 'body type' doesn't exist. Oily skin does. Still, you get pimples because of a shortage of oily substances of some sort, so moisturizer is actually good.

    • hehe I mean oily skin! I thought that exfoliating should be done once per week, because the skin becomes very irritated otherwise

    • Yeah, lol. I don't know how often you shower, I do it every other day because I have tender skin.

  • I moisturize every morning after I shower. I use aveeno. At night sometimes I use vitamin e cream on my legs and arms.