Men's clothing?

Alright how come there isn't many options for men's clothing like there are for women's clothing?

I only ask because I haven't really bought new clothes in 400 years, mainly because every time I decide to do a little shopping, I never end up buying shit; no variety basically, every store has basically the same button ups, khakis, jeans and t shirts. No need to buy new stuff, if its almost the same as what I already have.

Whoever could come up with new shit for men, and it be socially acceptable could be a rich man, or woman.


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  • Lmao you should be happy about that. Women are always expected to look unique or taken care of, if a woman is a slob she's mostly considered undatable.

    • Trust me, that definitely goes both ways lol but what you wear does affect your mood, nice too look good and feel good

    • Yes, but guys can mix it up too!

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  • I have the answer because I contacted a company asking about this.

    Fashion designers create clothing based on what's in style and fashion trends. If where you shop is boring try a new brand of clothing that suits the less boring lifestyle.

    • You're right, whenever I go to the mall shopping with my girlfriend I kinda get annoyed, there are so many options for her and shit is usually on sale for cheap, but for me nada. Ill just keep my eyes peeled.

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